Tweeple Speaks – Shakti : Top Ten Tweets From #Haya Fandom That Defines Why They Are Loved!

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Harman And Saumya
Harman And Saumya

Love is divine. Love is spiritual. True love should be beyond the physical boundaries. However, these words sound good, are ethical but how many such ‘true love’ exist in real? Forget real, even in reel such kind of love is rare to watch.

Some may call in unreal but that is exactly what has appealed to the #HaYa fans the most. Harman and Saumya’s relationship that goes beyond the societal rules, boundaries makes their love pious and pure.

Some others have also claimed to love the on screen couple for the wonderful chemistry between actors Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik.

However, the real reasons are quite interesting to read. So here’s why the ‘HaYa’ fandom so desperately root for Harman and Saumya’s love story and what about the on screen couple appeals the most to them. Take a look at what the tweeples had to say when we asked about ONE very strong reason about why they love their favourite TV Jodi –

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