Tweeple Speaks – Top 14 Tweets By The Fans Of Varun Kapoor That Explain Why They Love Him!

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Varun Kapoor In Short Film 'The Perfect Smile'
Varun Kapoor In Short Film ‘The Perfect Smile’

As Sanskar of Swaragini, Varun Kapoor won millions of hearts. As much as Sanskar is loved, Varun is the reason behind it in many ways.

His fans gave many reasons citing why they love him when we asked them to give one reason that makes them love their favourite actor the most. In a recent Twitter activity, when we asked this question, we received some humongous amount of responses. And we hereby, are starting this feature with Varun Kapoor.

Among many reasons, the most common reasons turned out to be the actor’s humble nature, his simplicity, down to earth attitude, care towards his family and fans.

His performance as Sanskar is also well praised and of course someone also mentioned how takes care of dogs on sets and how much is voice is also loved!

The actor is also appreciated for going out of the way beyond his comfort zone and dancing for his fans.

Well, surely Varun has a lot of fans rooting for him and admiring him for how he is. We too appreciate the fans’ efforts for so clearly penning down why they love Varun Kapoor so much.

So without any further ado, here are the tweets that properly explain why Varun Kapoor is so much loved –

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