Tweeple Speaks – Top 15 Tweets By The Fans Of Helly Shah That Explain Why They Love Her !

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Helly Shah
Helly Shah

In our latest twitter activity, we asked our followers to state one reason citing why they love Helly Shah the most. As Twitter got flooded with numerous responses, we hand picked 15 best tweets out of the lot that describes why the actress is so much loved and adored by her fans.

Helly Shah as Swara of Swaragini has become immensely popular through the role. Playing a Bengali girl on screen, her chemistry with Varun Kapoor is also appreciated. The actress since last year has given some ground breaking performances in Swaragini.

Among many reasons, the prominent reasons that came up from the tweets was that Helly is extremely caring and loving towards her fans. Also, fans cited how they connect with her because she is a foodie! Her down to earth nature and passion for work also earns her a lot of admirers.

So without any further delay, take a look at the tweets that best describe why Helly Shah is loved by her fans –

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