Cry Babies Alert : These Two Star Plus Shows Immediately Need Their ‘HEROES’ To Come Back!


Star Plus’ Naamkarann and Ishqbaaz’s leading ladies are literally in need of some more and more and more glycerine. The two simply can’t stop shedding tears as abuses and blames are hurled at them. Reason? Their respective heroes are absent and missing and all we could do yesterday was watching them and chanting inwardly, ‘Please come back!’.

Let’s take a look at what we watched in the respective two shows –


Naamkarann –

Bebe and Shweta literally left no stone unturned to verbally abuse, insult and blame Avni. As Avni’s truth about her birth came out, she was tagged as ‘illegitimate’ and her mother Ayesha was insulted beyond limits.

While Bebe’s words made us wonder why are we even watching and listening to her decorative words, the misunderstanding that was created between Avni and Neil wanted us to go and bang our head on the wall.

Dear Neil, out of all the days in the world, you found the best day to be yesterday to go after that Raghu Pandit and gang?

Only if Neil had been there, only if they knew that Neil always knew about Avni’s true identity, this would not have happened.

But then it’s a show, Neil had to be absent to let Avni bear all the nonsense drama.


All in all, we can’t wait for Neil to come back from his mission and get the heads of his family straight.

It has somehow become a custom in the Khanna family. Everytime Neil is absent or is intoxicated, Avni is thrown out of the house.

It’s like Neil’s absence always makes these people pull off their stupid stunts on Avni. Now that their stunts are done with, let’s just get our hero back so that he can pull off the next much required stunt.

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