Vampire Diaries Season 5 – Spoiler Alert


It’s FINALLY time to welcome back the Vampire Diaries! On October 3rd, Vampire Diaries will premiere their first episode of season 5, titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Fuze is here to bring you some spoilers, but before that we will recap some of the more important things that happened last season.

For starters, Bonnie (Kat Graham) is dead and Jeremy (Steven McQueen) is alive, however, only Jeremy is aware of Bonnie’s sacrificing herself to bring Jeremy back from the dead.  Katherine (Nina Dobrev) was given the cure! This one is still a shocker for us. Out of all the people who could have received the cure, it goes to the one person who didn’t want it.

The biggest shocker of last season’s finale was, without a doubt, Stefan (Paul Wesley) being Silas’ doppelganger! Remember, Silas managed to get Stefan in a box and threw him into the river. He will go back to Mystic Falls as Stefan. We can bet that he will cause a lot of problems and whether or not Stefan makes it back safely will be one to watch.

Now, onto the scoop, there will obviously be a lot of steamy scenes between Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). In fact, in the first episode, we see a scene of Elena in the bath while she and Damon discuss her going off to college. When Damon isn’t busy making out with Elena, he will be seen keeping Jeremy safe.

We will also find out what the whole gang was up to through e-mails sent back and forth between Bonnie (with Jeremy’s help) and Elena. How do they explain that Jeremy is back from the dead? It’s simple. They will claim that Jeremy faked his death. Jeremy and Bonnie also discuss how to tell everyone that she is dead and Bonnie tells Jeremy to keep lying to everyone.
Silas will not be spending too much time pretending to be Stefan as he has a goal in mind and will be working to fulfill it. In fact, Damon finds out in the second episode that Stefan is missing. He doesn’t want to tell Elena so he turns to Sherriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) for help.

There will be a whole host of new characters with Elena and Caroline (Candice Accola) going off to Whitmore College. Also, in the first five minutes of episode 1, we will see a threesome that includes one of the couples from Mystic Falls. We will leave it up to you to guess who.
Stay tuned to Fuze for more spoilers and updates!


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