Vatsal Sheth’s Baazigar – A Pathetic Demonstration Of Superstitious Beliefs To Create An Aura Of Thrill – REVIEW

Rishton Ka Saudagar - Baazigar
Rishton Ka Saudagar - Baazigar
Rishton Ka Saudagar - Baazigar
Rishton Ka Saudagar – Baazigar

Life OK’s new show ‘Baazigar’ has started this Monday and the premier episode itself has given a hint of what exactly is going to happen in the show. Aarav and Arundhati are two people who are going to get married, all the rituals have been started and the entry of both the leads is shown in different ways. The episode was not as good as expected. Vatsal Sheth was the show stealer for sure. The concept seems to be interesting but not well framed.

Vatsal Sheth who plays Aarav might find it easier to play the role because this new character of his reminds us of his previous character of Shaurya Goenka from Ek Hasina Thi. That same darkness and cunning smile on his face that Shaurya used to have after any bad-deed is prominent this time as well. He is being over-sweet as Aarav and that itself shows how deep his character is.

Ishita Dutta is looking suitable for the role of Arundhati. She is very emotional and in the first episode itself they have shown the how high hopes she is having from this relationship and how hurt she is going to be when the truth comes out.

The fact that Aarav’s present mother, Parul, is his step mother is being revealed in the most negative way in the show. She is stopped from applying haldi to her son, claiming that she is the step mother of Aarav. This step-mother thing being brought up on an auspicious occasion was the demonstration of typical ‘superstitious’ mentality. Also Arundhati’s aunt, Tanvi, blaming her for her husband’s death and trying to spoil her marriage and cursing her was baseless, something which could be avoided in the first episode at least. Her way of cursing the to be wedded girl was a complete turn off.

Overall the first episode was fair but the family drama was not that entertaining. May be the upcoming episodes could shape the story in a better way. The only thing worth watching in the show would be Vatsal Sheth and you will only come to like the show if you are a fan of superstitions and over the top, illogical drama!

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