Veera : Will Ranvijay Finally Accept Baldev For Veera?

Vishal Vashishtha as Baldev in Veera
Baldev Veera

Star Plus’ popular show, Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera witnessed a lot of drama surrounding Baldev (Vishal Vashistha) and Simran’s (Piryamvada Kant) wedding. Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi) and fans of the show were not happy with Baldev marrying Simram. Fans were waiting with bated breath to see Baldev and Veera together again.

As we have seen, Baldev is extremely angry and he ends up confronting Veera. She tells him that she loves him and Baldev tells her that he will stop his wedding to Simran, only if she tells her family that she wants to marry him.

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In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Baldev and Simran’s wedding gets canceled.

Baldev and Veera decide to meet up, but unfortunately, Baldev ends up beaten up by goons and is hospitalized. Veera ends up staying by Baldev’s side day and night and will ultimately end up bringing Baldev back to consciousness.

Bansuri (Vishwapreet Kaur) will be irritated seeing Veera by Baldev’s side as she’s not allowed to stay by his side despite being his mother.

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Ranvijay (Shivin Narag) will soften up towards Baldev after seeing Veera’s love for him. Ranvijay will end up rethinking his decision on keeping Baldev and Veera apart. After Baldev is healed and discharged, he will ask Veera to take him to Ranvijay. Baldev will then ask for Veera’s hand in marriage to Ranvijay. It seems this time, Ranvijay will relent and give his blessings to the couple.

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