Vijayendra Kumeria : The New Normal Is A Task Which We Have To Win

Vijayendra Kumeria

Actor Vijayendra Kumeria is back on the sets of his popular show ‘Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel’. He calls the new normal ‘a task which we have to win over’.

He added, “There are relaxations but that doesn’t mean we should start doing anything and everything carelessly. If everyone acts responsibly then we can be safe in this new normal”.

Talking about resuming shoot, he said, “We a have started shooting keeping all the precautions intact. The main reason is that a lot of people work here on daily wage, so we all need to stand together to support each other and I feel proud that our industry is doing that”.

There is a scarcity of work in the industry because of the Coronavirus outbreak, and many established as well as struggling actors are now losing hope. Vijayendra suggests they should be positive and said, “If they are feeling depressed then they should reach out to their family and friends for help, try working on your craft if possible by mirror acting, watch good films, etc. This way they might feel happy and motivated as they’ll be keeping themselves busy”.

During the lockdown, we saw an increase in the number of photos or videos posted by celebrities on their social media accounts. The ‘Udaan’ actor feels that most of the things on social media are fake and said, “Trust me, some people are living a virtual fake life and are making a fool out of their fans to attract followers”.

“If someone is posting pics with full makeup and gorgeous dresses, doesn’t your mind ask where the hell are these people going in the lockdown, getting all decked up. I think actors should be real on social media so that their fans get to know their favourite stars a little more and of course fans and followers should be given correct messages,” he added.

But, people say actors are very insecure, what are your thoughts on this? “I think the reason for their insecurity is that more than their own craft most of the actors are worried about what other actors are doing. They constantly want to compete with others. Good work always attracts more work and stardom. Insecure are those too who are living a fake lavish life for the world,” he said.

Speaking on the competition in the industry, he said, “There will always be competition, one should just keep working hard and stay focused. There are a lot of people who come to this city with dreams, but only a few survive, as it’s not a cakewalk. The situation is always going to be like this but your destiny will give you one chance, and then you have to prove your mettle”.

What are the two things he learned about the industry during this pandemic? “One, that there are some very good producers who want to help their workers and there are some wicked ones who want to use this pandemic as an opportunity to not pay dues. Second, people working in this industry should learn to save for the rainy day,” Vijayendra signed off.


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