Vivian Dsena Opens Up About His Fitness Journey!


Sirf Tum actor Vivian Dsena has revealed how he prepared to look like a college student. The audience is witnessing a major transformation in his looks, including his physique. Talking about what went behind the preparations, he shared, “The thing is we had already perceived Ranveer (his character) as a college-going boy, so for that I cannot have a regular look because for me, when I come up with a show I need to prep myself for the show in every way.”

“I need to increase my physical strength, my athletic capacity and be in shape in order to achieve that target because I have to convince my audiences that yes I can. I am looking like a college boy. I cannot look like I have been miscast which is why I prepare myself. I always give my best shot to my projects,” he said.

According to him, diet is only discipline and if you’re disciplined about it, you will follow it. “Diet can be maintained. It can be difficult, but you need to do it,” he said. In real life, he has been a footballer.

“I’ve never been a gym person. I’ve always tried to keep myself fit by playing football and not going to the gym, but yes for the show I had to hit the gym and work very hard in order to achieve this kind of physique,” he said.

He has not not lost weight, but got rid of body fat percentage. “I lost around 10 kilos in around 45 days, where 3 to 4 kgs is just water weight in your body, so the real fat loss percentage is only 6 kgs. Diet includes zero sugar, no dairy products, only grilled fish and chicken. I still maintain that diet on set,” he said.

These days, actors are resorting to shortcuts to get the desired result. “Something that comes fast, goes back fast as well. Short cuts never lead to success. If it was the road to success then I wouldn’t have been in Mumbai for the last 14 years,” said the Madhubala actor.


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