Vote For The Best Ensemble Cast Of 2017


A successful television series run for years. And apart from the leading protagonists, through this long journey of story telling, viewers tend to fall in love with other parallel characters too!

These characters are often played by senior, veteran and talented artists. An ensemble cast always adds up to the content of the show making it more rich and appealing to the viewers.

One would not only love Raman and Ishita in Ye Hai Mohabbatein but Adi, Ruhi, Shagun, Aliya are equally adored. It’s not only the three brothers of Ishqbaaz but their Daadi, Saahil and even Pinky and Jhanvi are appreciated.

It’s not only Kartik and Naira’s fairytale story that is loved but often Manish Goenka, Swarna and Naitik, Naksh and Keerti too who are extremely important part of the story.

Piyaa Albela’s story would not be here if Harish’s concern for his son didn’t make him bring Pooja at home. If Ishwari and Bijoy hadn’t been there, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi would have lost all its shades long ago.

Without Shweta’s selfish love for her son, Bebe’s dislike towards Shweta, Prakash Khanna being the ideal father figure, Ragini Pandit and Vidyut’s evilness, Naamkarann would not have turned up as spicy as it is now.

If Preeto wasn’t as insanely in love with her child, would Harman have looked as heroic as he appears?

So yes, the ensemble cast and supporting actors play a major role in shaping up the story of a show.

Vote for your favourite ensemble cast of the year of 2017.

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