VOTE For The Best TV Jodi For The Year Of 2017!


Indian television shows minus the existence of love stories is like life without charm, adventure without the kick. Every daily soap running on TV has a love story to offer the audience.

One aspect that never stops to amaze the viewer is the way a love story is presented in a particular show. There are many shows running on TV and every love story is different.

TV actors with their perfect portrayal of the characters make the viewers fall in love with them. Creating some impeccable and amazing chemistry on the screen they simply set the frame on fire.

TV jodi’s are simply loved and adored to bits by their fans.

Everyone has a favourite television jodi who has wowed you time and again. And it is time for you to VOTE for the BEST JODI of 2017.

What are you waiting for? Start VOTING now.

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  1. Jay, u right ppl what say I don’t care, they win. Millions of hearts, they always best for us,
    They always give awesome seen, the chemistry , all perfect.

  2. aadarsh jodi ki misal kahe jane wale sitaram ho ya shiparwati jinhe na kewal sath dekhane me aachha lagata h balki inake bich ke pyar ke kisse bade majedar lagate h tik usi tarah tv industry ki sabase majedar aur khubsurat jodi h shivika ki jiname aadarsh jodi sitaram ya shivparwati ki jhalak h

  3. My vote for avneil. They are the best couple in the world. Their chemistry is very strong and very deep. The powerful bonding means just not a romance a good understanding or good chemistry that is true love so avneil deserve for the best jodi award in year they are the perfect jodi made for each other love birds love u so much avneil ur the best

  4. Woh ishqbaaazi hi Kya jis main Takkar hi Na ho,
    Woh competition hi Kya jis main Takkrar na ho..
    👏👏👏👏✋✋✋✋ Shivika.

  5. Proud of the amount of votes Zain and Aditi got. Neil n avni getting popular day by day. They have a long way more to go. Avneil r just too amazing 🙂

  6. And deep meaningful baat ki to chhod hi do kyuki deep meaningful conversation heart to heart talk Hai inke beech Jo sayad koi Indian television me couple ke beech nhi dekha trust, understanding, love, fight, emotions all everything going with in flow step by step in the case ni ShivIka relationship so I repeat one and only one week watch Shaadi week of ShivIka remarriage track in Ishqbaaaz one hour show then you decide what chemistry between Shivaay Annika

  7. For me Avneil is the best couple for 2017. Romance is not only about lip to lip kisses, Rolling in paint etc. Romance is about having deep conversations, supporting each other through life’s difficulties, sharing an emotional bond and standing up for each other’s rights.

    • Tabhi to have ShivIka pasand Hai Kya understanding Hai dono ke beech Kya hak Hai ek dusre par ye dono achhe se jaante Hai and khidkitod chemistry like in real couple ho fight v tadi v romance v everything then koi kaise na pasand kre inhe auro ki tarah nhi lagta ki acting KR rhe h balki sabhi real lagta Hai Love you ShivIka mind blowing hats of Ishqbaaaz

    • Romance is not bout rolling in paint.. Still u watched dt lovely ‘laal ishq’ episode.. Dtz wt SHIVIKA is.. Even not only d fans others also do watch them. N yes rolling in paint is not Romance.. Romance is bout d bonding trust frndship n many more. N each n every thing is there in their chemistry..

      • Not everyone is watching them. Saw the promo of the paint scene. Didn’t watch it! Nothing against them, but don’t assume everyone is watching them. My vote goes to AvNeil. Their story has progressed without any stop-start! I saw IB at the start but not anymore!

  8. Avneil nd only Avneil are the best…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋😻😻😻💫💫💫


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