VOTE For Your All-Time Favourite Jodi From Television!

TV Jodis

The tellywood fans love to ship the Jodi’s they come to love. And such is their love for them that it’s hard to get over your most swoon worthy couple that easily and quickly.

So here’s to all the shippers of the jodis in the past as iconic as Anurag-Prerna, Ram-Priya, Kashish-Sujal, Asad -Zoya, Aditya-Pankhuri and many more of the era.

And to the die hard fans of Arnav – Khushi, Viren-Jivika, Virat-Manvi.

A shout out to the fandoms of Shivika, Rikara, Naina-Sameer, Neil -Avni too and even the Asad-Zoya, Anurag-Prerna , Dev Sonakshi, Mahir-Bela and a lot more jodi fans who have been countlessly displaying their affection for the jodis right, left and center.

This is the time to shower your love upon your favourite jodi that makes you feel the meaning of love all over again and the one you’d ship for lifetime!

So scroll below, catch your first love and start voting!

UPDATE – POLL TO CLOSE ON WEDNESDAY (15th May 2019) at 11:59 am.



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