Vote For Your Favourite Romantic Jodis Of 2018!

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Indian television has given the viewers some of the very best onscreen jodis. 

These onscreen TV jodis work like magic and they create a connect with the audience.

Amidst the twist and turns in the daily soaps, the television jodis and their magical love stories draws the audience to the screens like moth to flame. 

2018 is heading towards its closure and all through the year there have been TV jodis who have created an everlasting impact and have simply ruled the audience’ hearts.

With the year coming to an end we present you the poll of Best Jodi of 2018. 
What are you waiting for? Here is your chance to VOTE and Choose who according to you is the best TV jodi of 2018.

Start VOTING Now.

POLL TO END ON 5.1.2019 at 9:30 pm.

UPDATED 02/Jan/19 [10:01AM IST]: We regret the inconvenience. The technical issue has been far greater than we assumed. We need to work along with hosting provider. We are pausing the poll with below numbers. We will restart it where it is now during the weekend. Please be patient.

UPDATED 05/Jan/19 [8:53AM IST]: Poll begins at 9am IST.
NOTE – Whatever will be the numbers in the poll until 9:30 pm IST, it will be added with the previous numbers to get the winner.

Vote For Your Favourite Romantic Jodis Of 2018!

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