VOTE NOW: The BEST Daily Soap Of 2016!

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VOTE NOW: The BEST Daily Soap Of 2016!
Daily Soaps Of 2016

This year has seen many television shows and sensational TV Jodis who have made a special place in our heart. From Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’s Dev-Sonakshi, Raman-Ishita, Shivaay-Anika, Suman-Shravan, among others.

They have surely ignited romance with slice of love-hate tracks and managed retain loyal fans. From realistic sequences to heavy dramatic scenes, the makers have made this year difficult for all critics, judges and fans who will be tuning in to cast their vote for this year’s best daily soap.

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Without waiting any further, select your favorite television show from the option and hit that vote button below now!

VOTE NOW: The BEST Daily Soap Of 2016!

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  1. One and only EDKV……is the best show forever……lovely story……namik & Nikki was stunning the show…..they r adorable together…… Fantastic performance…….loved it……..we really… really… Miss the show……love the show much……and we need EDKVS2….please come back soon…..

  2. EDKV is bestest show ever……….. namik nd Niki best pair. we really missing tiz cutest pair. It’s a unique nd different story. We need a season2 with same cast

  3. EDKV is the best TV show I have seen. It has an absolutely unique storyline and an amazing chemistry between the leads. There are so many aspects of the show which have remained untold. #WewantEDKVS2

  4. EDKV is the best story. But it was not completely shown. When we are about to reach the most crucial point of the story, its been shut down with so many open-ended plots. We got an illogical end. Namik Nikita are the fine actors. We need season 2 with the same cast.

  5. one n only Ek Duje Ke Vaaste, as it is a simply unique childhood love story with outstanding storyline, amazing casting ,excellent cinematography, sizzling onscreen chemistry between leads Shraman n Preekar. But this wicked sony abruptly ended our beautiful show edkv so we edkvians want our epic, golden n precious gem back .

  6. Edkv and Dahleez were the bst show I ever watched missing both of them more than a lottttt…?? #We Want Edkv2

  7. only EK DUJE KE VAASTE is the best show but SonyTV ended it abruprly. we want season2 of EDKV with all the same casts #WeWantEDKVS2


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