Watch This Cute Video Of Shaheer Sheikh Asking His Fans ‘What’s Up’ In Bengali!

Shaheer Sheikh

Actor Shaheer Sheikh aka Abir from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke needs no introduction. The actor is a heartthrob for his fans whom he very lovingly refer to as ‘birdies’.

Currently his portrayal of his on screen character Abir is getting him a lot of praises and no doubt he is doing a fine job on screen. After a long time, Shaheer also conducted a brief chat with his fans on Twitter and his fans’ happiness knew no limits!

And now Shaheer has posted a very cute video of himself as an Instagram story. In the video his fans can see him asking them ‘What’s Up!’. Also, in Bengali his asks ‘Hello, ki korche guys?’ to his fans which in literal terms mean ‘What’s Up?’.

Well, the video is cuteness personified and as the actor has very recently returned from Indonesia, this video with a duration of just a few seconds is definitely a treat for his fans.

Although Shaheer’s Bengali is obviously cute but just for those who would love to imitate him, it would be ‘ki korcho guys’ instead of ‘ki korche’. But nevertheless, the video remains to be one of the cutest thing on internet tonight.

Check out the video below if you already didn’t see it before –


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