Watch How Varun Dhawan Transformed Into Raghu In Badlapur – VIDEO

Varun In Badlapur
Varun In Badlapur
Varun Dhawan In Badlapur

One of the more anticipated films of this year is Varun Dhawan’s Badlapur. The actor has gone through a total transformation from the young lover boy image to a revengeful, angry young man. Varun Dhawan fans are in for a treat when the film releases on February 20th. We will get to see the depth in Varun’s acting and the versatility that he has when it comes to emoting.

Producer Dinesh Vijan told Varun, “It will be very difficult for you to say yes to this film, but it will be even more difficult for you to say no, because I think you won’t get a character like this for a long time.”

Varun In Badlapur
Varun In Badlapur

The actor will be seen playing two different age groups as there is a time leap in the film as his character Raghu. He will play Raghu in his 20s and then later he will showcase Raghu in his 40s. Speaking about the character Varun said, “Honestly, the shooting for Badlapur for me was like a trance. Like that’s what this film is about, an ordinary guy and that’s what I connected with, who has a very nice, simple life.”

Outwardly, we can see a transformation in Varun when he plays the older Raghu. He grew a beard for it, but it was his acting and his voice that really changed the game for Raghu. There was raw anger and hardness in his whole demeanor that will definitely be noticed in the film.

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Watch Varun Dhawan Transform Into Raghu In The Below Video:


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