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Weddings & TV Channel Series have a strong connection. It seems as though for every show ‘Weddings’ are an integral part of it. The TV series & the phase of weddings go hand in hand. Whether the show, showcases a grand, forced or a runaway wedding, the wedding concept surely seems to click in whatever form it is presented to the audience. Every channel uses the concept of Wedding, Marriage to garner the attention of the audience & even the channel colors is not far behind. It seems like Colors’ recent venture Madhubala is going on the en-route of a ‘Forced Wedding’ or  ‘Wedding For Revenge’.

The recent promos aired show Vivian D’sena who plays the character of  ‘Rishabh Kundra a.k.a Superstar RK is taking Pheres (Hindu Wedding Vows Around The Sacred Fire)  with the protagonist Madhu a.k.a  Madhubala played by Dhrasti Dhami. But the twist in the tale is not that it is a forced marriage or a marriage for revenge but the twist here is RK & Madhu do not talk Seven Rounds around the sacred fire. They take only ‘Four’ Pheres. With these 4 Pheres, Madhu gets 40 Lakh Rupees & RK gets to tag Madhu as Mrs. RK from now on.

On one hand this seems to be a marriage out of helplessness for Madhubala, the need of the hour for her where she needs the money  on the other hand it is a perfect revenge for RK, as he has tagged the girl who sent him to jail, caused him humiliation in front of the world as his. This time the wedding in Madhubala is different. One can call it unique, one can call it different, one can call it a mockery of tradition, but as per the promos Madhubala is going to get a Mrs RK tag by taking Four Pheres only.

It is indeed a ‘Weird Wedding’ – Ab yeh alag shaddi RK aur Madhu ke zindagi mein kya rang laatha hai woh tho aage chalkar hii patah chalega, but for now it is time for the audiences to sit back & enjoy this different wedding scenario & see how the story will shape up for the protagonist of the show.

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Author : Surya Ravi 



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