What Is It Exactly That Makes These Celebrities The Ideal And Believable Stars Among General Audience?

Nakuul Mehta

Nakuul Mehta

He stars in one of the most popular shows right now in a premiere network like Star Plus. He plays one of the most powerful roles on television too. He is a great actor and has those charming looks along with attractive colour changing and magnetic eyes to hold on the audience – But is that enough about Nakuul Mehta that makes him ‘admirable’ among people?

We aren’t really talking about the gushing and crushing part that takes place among his fans every time he does a romantic scene on screen. We are talking about that part of the audience who like him but do not crush over him.

There are probably numerous people on social media who have never watched his show yet they admire him for his off the screen personality.

This year on his birthday, Bollywoodlife.com published a birthday special article for Mr. Mehta, written by a journalist openly admitting her admiration for him. As much as it was surprising, it wasn’t very out of the blue. There are fair reasons why this man makes people like us write such praises for him.

His wittiness, his humor takes, his awareness about the world around and his knowledge make him an admirable celebrity among many other people who are not his regular fans or who do not watch his show everyday.

His quest to know the new and then to share, the fact that the actor reads a lot and has a fair knowledge of the world around him and is an expressive feminist by nature – Make him a respectable television personality.

Nakuul Mehta
Nakuul Mehta

There won’t be many actors today in the fraternity who would give a long speech about women’s safety at workplaces while lifting The Best Actor Award on stage (the speech was edited out by the broadcaster during the original telecast). But he did that in the mob of the uncountable and repeated ‘thank you’ that we get to hear in every such event.

That night we heard an artist say something to the world that we wanted to hear yet we didn’t ourselves expect to hear. But because he said so beyond our expectations, he took away the award of ‘respect’ from many who heard him, along with that ‘Best actor’ trophy.

Not to forget his column in HT on International Men’s Day, his speech at AVTA at London about the growing intolerance towards art in India during the Padmaavat row, all contributed equally towards portraying him as a thinking actor.

Fact is now, people want to hear what Nakuul Mehta has to say in his own serious/humor/satire or witty ways. He is a delight to listen to, watch out for or read from, no matter what genre he takes up to express himself.

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  1. Thanks Saheli for the beautiful write up and huge thanks to everybody mentioned here, for initiating the much needed paradigm shift…


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