What Is It Exactly That Makes These Celebrities The Ideal And Believable Stars Among General Audience?

Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget

She is probably the most senior of all considering the fact that she started off with the craft of acting since she was a child.

After delivering shows that have been teen sensations and later on successful love stories, things changed for Jennifer Winget when she dared to choose Sony TV’s Beyhadh.

People who loved watching her cute smile and innocent face on screen, started looking at her with reverence as an artist.

It might be possible that the one who watched her in Kasauti Zindagi Kay might not have watched her in Saraswatichandra or vice versa, but there won’t be many who would deny having at least one glimpse of Jennifer Winget in Beyhadh. And that one glimpse would have been enough to  get stunned by her.

Coming to the online viewership, people who vote relentlessly in award shows to make their favourite stars win, also while voting for their favourite stars last year accepted and acknowledged that the performer of the year had been Jennifer Winget.

Jennifer Winget

No matter whether their favourite won the award or not, the unanimous acknowledgement by twitteratis when Jennifer Winget lifted her trophy at ITA was a rare sight. Every single person on cyber world accepted that she deserved it. Considering the chaotic and heterogeneous world the internet is, having a unanimous feedback and acceptance about an individual performance is a rare feat that Jennifer Winget achieved.

Whether one is a fan of her or not, Beyhadh has made people recognize her as an outstanding artist for whom nothing is impossible on screen.

The image she now has would be, ‘Jennifer Winget can play just anything on screen!’.

Maya of Beyhadh, probably has made her one of the most unbeatable performers on television. People look at her as someone who is capable of being anyone on screen.

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  1. Thanks Saheli for the beautiful write up and huge thanks to everybody mentioned here, for initiating the much needed paradigm shift…


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