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Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance

Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance is surely intriguing the audience with the current track and looks like the creatives of the show are leaving no stone unturned to keep the viewers’ interest intact.

In the coming episodes the audiences will witness Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) pouring her heart out to Kria (Shakti Mohan) and revealing to her the reason of why she (Sharon) befriended Kria. It was to get close to Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari) and win his trust.

The coming week will also see ST. Louis V.P (Areesz Gandhi) having some news about the affiliation with the International institute which Rey is seeking. So will the news V.P sir is going to give the D3 Gang be good or bad only time would tell.

On the other hand while fans are rejoicing the fact that Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and Kria’s love story is slowly but steadily coming back on track, here comes a new hurdle in their path. Further it will be known in the coming episodes that Kria needs to leave for Beijing soon. We wonder if this is the end of the road for Rey and Kria’s story. But on second thoughts our gut feel says ‘Nope…It is not possible to end Rey and Kria’s love track’. The second innings for the two of them has just begun and we do not think there is an end in near sight or any end at all for their love later. Now the question is will Kria leave and the bigger question is if Rey will let Kria go away? This is surely something to wait and watch out for.

Further the viewers will see eve-teasing in Dil Dosti Dance this week. Sharon gets eve-teased by a bunch of guys. We wonder how Swayam Shekhawat will react to this. Will we get to see the calm, composed guy with a cool head on his shoulder or an angry young Swayam fighting and protecting Sharon from the goons fiercely?

Dil Dosti Dance
Rey, Kria, Swayam and Sharon

However whether it is about revelations, love, friendship or action, it seems like this coming week of Dil Dosti Dance surely has some power packed sequences to offer its audiences. Do let us know in the comment section if you are looking forward to this week’s Dil Dosti Dance.
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Author: Surya Ravi


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