When A Love Story Commenced From A Slap: Madhubala Portrays the ‘Ishq’ that truly depicts ‘Junoon’

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

A year ago in a busy studio of Mumbai, a random girl came inside and slapped a superstar in the middle of his take and in front of a hundred technicians. Think of this happening in reality! What kind of Page 3 articles we would get the very next day on newspapers? The reactions and repercussions can be imagined very well in this digitally waved world of today. In Madhubala as well, the proud, egoistic and powerful star didn’t leave one stone unturned to get revenge from the idealistic Madhubala, turning the tigress into the poor, little, ‘bechaari naari’.

What started as a tale of hatred, evolved gradually as a tale of irrevocable love.Television has dished out innumerable number of Love and Hate stories. But Madhubala’s essence has been a bit different because it portrayed extreme hate and then extreme love. It has taken both the aspects of human nature to the point from where there’s no return. One can’t hate more than how RK hated Madhu (Drashti Dhami) and one can’t ever love more than how they loved each other. May be  Madhubala’s uniqueness lies in its extremism.

A dramatic slap to the superstar RK (Vivian Dsena) became the talk of town. The star in return performs an incomplete marriage with the girl in order to take revenge reducing her status into a mere prey when he, as a hunter, thought of enjoying himself  watching her miseries. Another off beat drama took place in the show and the show also became the talk of the town with its 4 pheras of marriage!

Eventually and unknowingly the mere human within the star falls in love with his prey. Sadly, he doesn’t realise this and continues plotting against her. The girl also falls in pure love with her ‘beautiful hunter’. No wonder the story was becoming interesting!

The next astonishing, confusing, unpredictable and again an ‘extreme’ step was taken in the show when RK leaves Madhubala in the altar even after promising her a re-marriage (as a part of his revenge plan of course!). The girl is left devastated with no other option but to become self-independent. RK had his last laugh but somewhere he only called for his own miseries by this act. His nights started haunting him as his heart started crying for her.


When the audiences thought that there’s no comeback for RK from what he has committed and there cannot be any possible logic for his return to Madhu, the CVs very convincingly threw out another ‘extreme’ nature of human emotion and that is ‘Jealousy’! Fear of losing and jealousy re-united the lovers again although a lot of drama was attached with the ups and downs of the story as well (but that’s obviously a part and parcel of every TV serial in India).


After such a long journey again the ‘Slap Saga’ has returned in Madhubala. The location is a film set again. The two people attached with the slap saga is same. The slap was also quite strong. The only difference is the duo are in ‘extreme’ love with each other currently. And hence, yesterday’s ‘slap’ that brought them together doesn’t hold much importance today.


Nevertheless, as per RK’s film’s current script, Madhu (Anamika) had to slap RK during an argument. She performs the act with utmost perfection leaving behind an amused RK and an impressed director. But RK being RK, didn’t leave the opportunity to scare his wife. He goes on to shower his fake anger on his wife in front of the whole unit. A confused and worried Madhubala succumbs and RK being a proud husband takes her in his embrace of love (Of course with the help of Bachchan sahaab! One can never deny that the another best thing about the show is its super attractive dialogues. The dialogue writer, Raghuvir Shekhawat deserves standing ovation for Madhubala’s impulsive and witty dialogues).

We have come a long way in this show. Love, hate, broken hearts, jealousy, test of trust, fear of loss, mountain size ego, all has been tested and portrayed in the show extensively. But, now RK is not only a superstar or a lover or a husband, he is more of a mentor to Madhubala. The show is now taking another turn while showing ‘how a superstar crafts and constructs another would be superstar’. A new journey has started which would again bring out the ‘extreme’ form of human emotions and also the positive and negative effects that stardom brings into life.


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Author: Solaine Alekhya


  1. Lovely article! madhubala is a tale of extreme hate n extreme love! D sharp one liners n memorable dialogues are its strongpoint. Drashti dhami n vivian dsena have made us madhu n RK more real to us. Thank u for such a beautiful article


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