Which “Ishqbaaz” Character Are You?

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We’re back with a new personality quiz that will blow your mind away. Giving a “takkar ki ishqbaazi” on-screen, the show has become everyone’s favorite.

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz have varied characters. If one is soft, the other is rude, if one is a baby, the other is a granny.

If one if selfless, the other is selfish, if one wishes to fall in love, the other plots to kick out love.

If one is thankful, the other is ungrateful. If one is the hero, the other is useless. In short, Ishqbaaz is filled with vichitra character.

And without these colourful characters of the show, your days feel colourless and lifeless.

So add a little more colour to your life with a dash of super solid Ishqbaazi fun and play the quiz.

Answer truthfully like Satyavadi Omkara, play Smartly like the Shaatir Singh Oberoi- Shivaay, work it out coolly like the Dumbell Oberoi – Rudra, think out of the box and solve it in the Khidkitod Anika style.

Or take the name of Shankar Bhagwan Jii and do it the Gauri Kumari Sarma way and know which Ishqbaaz character are you!

Without further ado, click the start button to play this quiz.

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