Which ‘Naamkarann’ Character Are You?

Find Out Which Naamkarann Character Are You!

We are here again with another personality quiz. Naamkarann, the show that has a variety of characters, from being good to bad to nerd to humorous, you will get it all in one place!

If Neil Khanna is the righteous person among all, he fell in love with Avni, who again has been both the clever Ananya and the shy Neilanjana.

When it comes to friendship, Ali is the best example you will ever get. And when it comes to loyalty, how can we forget DD?

Shweta and Bebe, they have their own flaws yet they have been evolved as good people over time.

Prakash is adorable as a father and let’s not forget the kids – Mowgli, Samrat, Mishti – All of them who have just added a different charm to the story!

You have villains like Vidyut and comic relief in the form of KK!

But have you ever wondered to whom your personality is the closest? Take this personality quiz test, answer after thinking hard and you may just get to know which favourite character of yours you relate to the most!



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