Which Of These Old Shows Would You Vote For Being The Evergreen Romantic Daily Soap On Indian TV!

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Romance is what rules and sells on Indian TV, isn’t it? The idea of an hero waiting to make an entry in our lives is nothing but a big fat illusion that Indian soaps manage to trick put minds with and well, they succeed too!

Amidst the plethora of shows that we have been blessed with, both good and bad, there have been a few which are no longer on air but surely outdid others in terms of love tales that they weaved on screen.

Not only that, along with depicting the most influential and romantic love stories, the impact that they’ve left can be still felt after so many, years, months or days after the shows have aired their last and yet the love in the air can be felt in the aura around.

Be it Asad and Zoya’s electrifying chemistry or Neil and Avni’s path breaking love story, be it Viren and Jeevika’s innocent love story or Manvi and Virat’s unconventional tale, we can still not fathom the best one yet.

Here is your chance to decide which of these old shows is still the most evergreen romantic saga on tv that continues to live with you till date!

Vote now for your favourite show and make it win big with your love and votes.

We understand that it may appear to choose any one show out of these as one may have multiple favourites.

Hence, you will have to select minimum and maximum 3 options as per your choice from the list given below.

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