Which Show Would You Vote For As The ‘Best Soap’ Of 2018!

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2018 like every year has been an eventful year for television. There had been many shows that came up with strong messages on, great stories, exceptional characters and happening twists.

With fantastic plots in platter, these shows won the hearts of the viewers. But all of them can’t excel and be the best of bests.

Hence, hereby we ask you to vote for your favourite show! The show that has been great and best with regards to great story, characters and something that has stayed with you even after switching off your TV.

The show that’s discussed the most with your friends, family and colleagues over the span of this year – VOTE for it below.

The Poll Will End At 9:30 pm IST On 5.1.2019.

Vote For Your Favourite Romantic Jodis Of 2018!

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