Which TV Jodi Is Your Most Favourite Right Now? – POLL RESULTS!

Which TV Jodi Is Your Most Favourite Right Now?

Over the past few years, television has managed to produce hit-worthy TV Jodis that have created a home within our hearts. We have seen them day in and day out on our small screen and a particular timeslot.

Whether it used to be our favorite “Pratham-Gauri,” “Sujal-Kashish,” “Armaan-Riddhima,” or “Rishabh-Madhubala,” we have loved them, cried with them, smiled with them, and stared at those promotional trailers.

In recent times as Indian television branches out with new concepts, fresh TV Jodi pairings, and creative platforms, fans have joined them and created a universal social media platform that manages to promote these on-screen couples and shows.

We recently took a step to understand the likes of our readers with a new poll that asked: “Which TV Jodi Is Your Most Favourite Right Now?”.

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With the overwhelming response to this poll, the top 2 slots of the survey are what we plan to highlight today.


Ishqbaazi of SHIVAAY AND ANIKA IN ISHQBAAZ paved the way for the 2nd slot.

Coming in at “3,104” votes which comes to 34.22%, Shivaay and Anika loyalists poured their heart out making our adored Mr. Bagad Billa and his queen the runner-up.

While folks may appear sad, we take this number with a thumbs up and smiling face. Any love, devotion towards an on-screen jodi like this is worth applauding.

Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna who play the respective characters have managed to sweep viewers off their feet with brilliant performances.

From their nok-jhoks to romantic scenes, the actors take you the la la land of Shivaay and Anika, where only the fans get a front row ticket to the most popular show.

So relive their special moments on Ishqbaaz online today and have popcorn with a Fanta to enjoy the online reel of Shivika.

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  1. Dearest Fuzeji, Are you completely sure the poll was working fine!? I mean Lol! Not just comparing rikara with only shivika but jodis like Devakshi and Laura not even getting 200 votes even when their fans are your ardent followers! Isn’t that fishy!? Please do try and reply because many people had faced technical issues while voting and even I was updated with the poll that as soon as shivika’s votes increased by 70-80 votes, rikara who were stuck initially took a large jump. How come? This is indeed an unrealistic win. P.S. I like rikara very much so don’t join up to prove that I am just a hater. But this is unrealistic! Sorry๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Kunal Jaisingh and Shrenu Parikh create magic on screen with Rikara <3 Kudos to their brilliant acting and chemistry!Well-deserved winners indeed!


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