Which TV Jodi Is Your Most Favourite Right Now? – VOTE


In the recent past Indian TV shows have gone on to give the viewers some of best TV Jodi’s of all times.

Onscreen TV jodi’s with their impeccable chemistry often set the television screens on fire.

Every television jodi creates a niche of admirers for themselves and these TV jodi are adored to bits by their fans and followers.

We are sure each one of you has a favourite onscreen television jodi whom you admire and like to watch day after day.

So here is your chance to VOTE for your current favourite TV jodi. Sart voting now.

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  1. Whatever the result will be, The best couple are only Kaira because they support each other in every aspect of life. They love each other more than anything else. Other couples married to other then again get married to each other. Faltu drama blah blah blah. Just love kaira because they arw ideal couple. They arw best.

  2. East or West shivika is the best ,they both are tadibaaaz& also khidkitod . really,that is the best Jodi of whole tellywood industry 😍😍😍💖💖💖

  3. Rikara for sure both shrenu and kunal are amazing actors and we have been seeing that throughout the series specially the last episodes and their chemistry is so great that’s why their fan following is increasing

  4. Sir there is some techniqual problem in this site…….we wany to vote but when opening the site , no vote button or white button is showing , only number of votes are visible to us………infact in your other polls , voting button are visible………dont you think this is unfair to those who want to vote but in vain….

  5. This poll is rigged..Seems like new fav for RIkara. NO way Rikara has more fan based than Shivika.And this is the only poll i see Rikara won…. And Kaira way below..hmm something fishy..

  6. Omkara and Gauri is the best forever forever
    Kunal and Shrenu are phenomenal actors who potrey Rikara so well love dem forever

  7. Its obviously shivika……..its 1 year 4 months but still they maintained intensity , romance , freshness , uniqueness , beautifulness , charmness in their lovestory…..no one can ever down them

    • I agree. Ppl lost trust only bcoz f poor story development at some pt of time n bad editing. But since the day Shivaay proposed Annika in front of media, story progression has been awesome. Kudos to them n their efforts. I think now they convincingly, lovingly n amazingly portray Shivika. Luv them!

  8. Commendable IB fandom. 1100 votes approx each for Shivika n Rikara! I don’t even care who wins now! IB win already by humongous votes n clear margin! Wow👏👏👏👏👏 Luv u all. This score is crazy man!

    • Hmm see if this is for overall IB couples then your statement makes sense. This is individual couple poll. Rikara, Shivika, Ruvya are separate here. And you r saying Rikara has more fans than Shivika? Also than Devakshi n Kaira..This is completely fake poll.

  9. Only gauri and omkara voting is continuosly increasing…..bcoz they have a fake voting site………tabi mai sochu kaira itna piche kaise

    • oh please .. rikara is doing great now a days and thats why they are getting more vote not because of fake account nd why does even people wanna go and take this much of a time for this ..EAST OR WEST RIKARA SHIVIKA AND RUVYA IS THE BEST and that make ib the BEST

  10. There is no link to vote , then how voting is incresing only in one jodi……this voting link is cheating us…..i didnt get any voting link for kaira then how voting is increasing only in one jodi…..its fake voting

  11. Shivika is unbeatable…….and specially surbhi chandna , what an actress is she , no tv or bollywood actor can stand her out


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