Why Does Star Plus Think The Viewer Of Its One Show Doesn’t Watch The Other?


We guess the title explains a lot about what we want to express! From some unknown and weird reasons, every other character in every other show of Star Plus, is passing through same symptoms!

Didn’t get what we said? Read On.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Recently, Raman Bhalla in Ye Hai Mohabbatein is getting slowly poisoned by his sister who is giving him a dose of expired medicines.

So Bhalla sahab fell down due to an overdose of the pills added with some stress to the guy and the poor man fell down in front of his family with everyone freaking out seeing him fainting.


Cut to Ishqbaaz, Shivaay Singh Oberoi is also poisoned, and the guy amidst family celebrations, falls down! And of course his brothers, sisters in law and his wife loses it seeing him like that!

And don’t even ask us about the miraculous cure he had! We were flabbergasted seeing him treated in a way as if he had an asthma attack instead of getting poisoned.


In Naamkarann, Neil supposedly was getting buried alive by Vidyut’s men but Avni appears there at the right time to save the guy!


Cut to Ishqbaaz again, somehow on the same day, Anika too is kidnapped by Veer’s wife Komal and is happened to be buried alive!

But thank God again, that Shivaay came at the right time and saved his wife!

Chandra Nandni And Ishqbaaz

The magical tear drops that saves you from life threatening conditions are also not exclusive for any show. It’s shown in Ishqbaaz as well as Chandra Nandni!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Then you have these common revamped but once upon a time evil kind of in-laws too in shows like – Ishqbaaz, Naamkarann and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai wherein Pinky, Shweta and Daadi are shown to be quite insecure about losing their raja bete to their loving wives! Pinky (Ishqbaaz) and Shweta (Naamkarann) actually take away the cake here for being exceptionally evil and then later becoming ‘good’ with time.


If Veer is obsessed with Anika in Ishqbaaz then you have Vidyut in Naamkarann too who is consumed with Avni. Both these bad fellows are after the life of our poor heroes, Shivaay and Neil. Several murder attempts and somehow still they are alive, all thanks to the miraculous turnarounds in the story.


And also not to forget this ‘acting acting’ theory between the leads. You see there’s a new trend of seeing these husbands and wives of Star Plus pretending to fight with each other to beat their villains and later on are showed in their perfect lovey dovey avatar! They love secretly and fight openly.


But even this sort of romance isn’t exclusive on Star Plus for anyone! You had Neil-Avni doing that in Naamkarann, you had Shivaay-Anika doing that in Ishqbaaz and we also saw Chandra and Nandni doing that in Chandra Nandni before! We aren’t really sure if Chandra Gupta Maurya had all the time in the world to pretend to dislike his one wife to his other queen though! That’s a different matter altogether.


Talking about abuse of bahus – That also happen almost on quite common grounds on Star Plus.

Anika has no ‘naam-khoon-khaandaan‘. So Pinky had a way with that! (Ishqbaaz)
Avni is her parents’ ‘illegitimate’ child. So Shweta had a way with that! (Naamkarann)
Naira spent her entire teenage life away from home – So Daadi had a way with that assuming all sorts of adultery ideas about her. She had her way too! (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)


All the three ladies were thrown out of the house by their respective mothers in law or grand mother in law using different ways of course!

But sadly, none of the three ladies could fathom why their raja bete were not bothered with the surname, legitimacy or past of their wives!


And here you go – All three blasted on their mother and grandmother like never before!

As much as it were entertaining to watch Shivaay, Neil and Kartik stand up for their respective wives, isn’t it too repetitive for someone who is watching all the three shows?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeah yeah, we know fans of these shows fight with each other on social media and hate the other shows and always shout about their respective favourite show being superior to the other, but ask someone who watches all of them – For the common viewers, we are shown NOTHING different!

Yes, execution of one might be better than the other but on the ground level, what’s different in the overall plot?

Dear Star Plus – Why do you think the viewer of your one show doesn’t watch the other?!

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  1. very true. soo boring soaps.Never watched any serial except KRPKAB.I tried to watch but then fed up with overacting,over make up and jewellry just unbearable. Sorry for my rude comment.

  2. my frienda like multi serials in tv bczthe sttory of serials has different and couples select is good,,i am fall in love for naamkaran jodi

    Im agree with you,,yes all of

  3. My thoughts exactly!!! These days, most of the time when i’m watching these shows i’m thinking the same thing. It’s funny how this kidnapping, poisoning, obsession drama all happens at the same time on these shows.

  4. There is no any show exist on star plus which gives relationship goals. Most wired relationship in all shows is MIL and DIL. There is no no trust factor exists in any show.

  5. Great article Saheli…promos says even Umashankar (tu sooraj) is getting poisoned one of these days…the pattern extends to naming the characters as well.. Billu/ Tillu…it’s difficult to fathom whether it’s the channel at fault or are the writers across shows are busy seeking ‘inspiration’ from each other…so much for originality..
    You have said it right…the treatment could be different but they are all just the same…

  6. Wow….great article…Fuze….
    You have brought out The so called nayi soch 😂😂😂😂 of star plus…
    Naamkaran had a great concept, but it also turned into another regular soap….due to falling TRP.
    Ishqbaaz is just a normal EK type show with everything multiplied by two(two leads*2,1 villain*2,….etc..etc)…this show is just saved by the leads’ chemistry and there is nothing else to watch….
    And I don’t want to talk about the age old YRKKH…. it’s high time to end the show …..

  7. Haha ! Such a good article.All this hoopla surrounding Star Plus’ Nayi Soch is just for namesake…there’s nothing naya in any of these shows but that’s not surprising as you can’t expect anything better from SP shows.Naamkarann,IB and Chandra Nandini all had forced marriages where either the girl was abused to marry or there was a bride swap.WTH can’t they have normal weddings ?
    Then comes the abuse of female leads….happens in each of these shows either by husband or MIL.The FL’s bear all the torture for ages and never give it back strongly enough.Great article Fuze…originality is not something which these shows can come up with.

  8. Bang on 200% true each and every words said.ishqbaaz,naamkaran,yrkkh then naamkaran,ishqbaaz,yrkkh, and yrkkh,ishqbaaz,naamkaran the pattern keeps on changing but the plot does not change.


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