Why Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka May Look Objectionable To Some But May Have A Better Story In Future!

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

Colors TV’s Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is going through quite a bold phase currently. Exploring that phase of an ‘extra-marital affair’, which doesn’t look good from far or to any onlooker isn’t an easy feat on TV. No matter how much deep or irrevocable ‘love’ you show, a married man’s ‘love story’ with another woman will always be termed as an ‘affair’ but never ‘love’ by people. Probably, that’s why people call it extra-marital ‘affair’ and never extra marital ‘love’.

This piece is not about defending or opposing Nandini and Kunal’s choice of life or their falling for each other. This one might not sound like it is, but is definitely dedicated to Mauli’s possible strength, future and decisions.

Social media is at roar about Silsila’s present track. So much so, that the viewers aren’t even leaving the actors while showing their disappointment.

We get it, that people may find Kunal and Nandini’s affair cringe worthy, a little too difficult to digest, selfish and above all quite backstabbing to Mauli and the rest of the family of Kunal. The reason for the backlash from the viewers is also because the two major leads in the show are doing something that’s tagged as immoral.

Looking at things as of now, one may wonder whether this show is glorifying ‘extra marital affair’ or whether it is encouraging wives to not trust their husbands with their female best friends or may be it is made just to justify why, how or when two ‘good’ people jump out of the fence unintentionally.

But coming to think of it, why would a respected production house, two big stars and a reputed channel, perfectly knowing about the stakes, would go on to launch a show that would showcase something which would be vastly protested about in the country or it would be something that would never make them count among the so called popular jodis or love stories on TV?

When the show launched, the actors in their various bytes had already talked about their doubt whether this show will ever receive any audience adulation and that the TRPs were a major concern.

Then, why take the risk?

May be the reason is to show what the respective individuals should do in such circumstances.

Mauli is an independent, responsible and strong individual and the price she is going to pay for trusting her best friend and husband is going to take a toll on her. It may initially break her but at the end, it will for sure make her emerge as stronger. This Ganpati Utsav, she is going to learn the truth and probably after this, the real story of Silsila will start.

Mauli’s fight, her rising above all the backstabbing, her answers, her individuality may actually become the sole purpose of watching this show since the start for many viewers and may give them the satisfaction that they are currently missing as well.

Not to forget, even Kunal’s family may disown him and choose to stay with Mauli after knowing the truth and these actions and reactions will surely make the intention behind the story clearer or the intention behind watching the show clearer.

As for Kunal and Nandini, they may go their own way and get married and with time eventually the society may accept them. If Kunal ends up fathering a child from either of the woman or both, things will get more messy in the both the situations and eventually one child will be brought up without a father in the latter situation.

But it’s just a question – If you are so bored and tired with your husbands and wives and so courageous to love another man or woman, then why not show the courtesy of respectfully taking a divorce from your spouse before crossing the dangerous lines? Why humiliating your family, wife, children (if any), the other woman and yourself in the process? True love can wait for 6 months at least, can’t it? Or that’s too much to ask for?

Things probably would not have looked that bad, if Kunal had the courage to tell Mauli what he feels for Nandini or that he wants to leave her before taking the big step. Their ‘love’ just ended up showing them as ‘criminals’ and Mauli as a ‘victim’. And the best future story of Silsila would be to empower Mauli emotionally and mentally.

We can only wait and see if that’s what is scheduled to happen next.

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  1. I dont see any problem with the story line.How ever Dhrasti Dhami and Shakti Arora are comp letely over shadowed by Aditi.She steals all the scenes when she is on screen.Dhrashti is dreadful.She is such an over rated actress.Her voice is awful.Her and Shakti are both mediocre actors.

  2. See it cannot turn out to be good!!!

    Even if they show Mauli becoming stronger, it would still end with Kunal and Nandini happily married to each other!!!!

    And if Mauli forgives Kunal then it is taking us back to the 1980ties!!!

    Yes I know a woman should not trust her best friend or sister as they are the ones who stab in the back the most!!!!

    But this show is further encouraging it that even after all this they would live happily!!!!

  3. I have no problem with story line.It is reality specialiy in show biz where so many people have extramarital affairs but continue to pretend that they are happily married.

    The actress who plays Mouli is dominating all the scenes with her talent. No matter what scene she is in I cant take my eyes off her.The other two main leads are so so mediocre.

  4. Yes mouli would be emerged as a more stronger person after all this….. Bt there is a big question if they don’t change the story line n make one of the female protagonist as antagonist lyk mouli lyf b4 a lots of shows were there where xtra marital affairs were shows bt later on they made one of them as antagonist….. So better they show the show lyk it was scripted….


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