With The Elements Of Family, Love And Heartbreaks Dil Hi Toh Hai Is A Breezy Affair – REVIEW

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Balaji Telefilms new show Dil Hi Toh Hai has premiered on 18th June 2018 on Sony Entertainment Television.

With 5 episodes down, the daily soap is already piquing the viewer’s interest.

Here we present our review of Dil Hi Toh Hai – which is all about smiles, hearts, heartbreaks and family – a out and out breezy watch.

Dil Hi Toh Hai

1) The Heartbreaker With A Band-Aid

Rithwik Noon walks around with the persona ‘I am the bad boy’, but within the bad boy image, there lies a good guy.

Rithwik keeps his good guy image hidden and that suits him just fine. He makes no false promises.

He flirts and does it openly, he adores his family and shows it openly too. Yet under the happy go lucky facade the Rithwik is vulnerable.

He breaks hearts in a snap, but staying hidden under the shadows he arranges for a band aid for the broken heart too. He is Rithwik, an enigma difficult to crack.

The way the character is written intrigues and as a viewer one would love to know more about the bad boy with a good heart Rithwik Noon.

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