Woh To Hai Albelaa – Kanha And Sayuri To Renew Their Wedding Vows!

Woh To Hai Albelaa

It’s celebration time for Star Bharat’s Woh To Hai Albelaa fans as finally, the much awaited track is about to start.

We all witnessed Kanha confessing his love for Sayuri in front of the whole house at numerous occasions but Sayuri refrained herself from confessing the same because of what Saroj said and what Anjali did.

We have witnessed a miserable Kanha and an equally miserable Sayuri, all because of Anjali and Saroj.

Sayuri chose to give up her love, her happiness for Saroj’s happiness and because she thought, Anjali actually loves Kanha and so does he but now, when Kusum told her the truth about Anjali, what she did with Saroj and her obsession for Kanha, we are going to see the version of Sayuri that was much needed.

Sayuri is going to reclaim her rights as the wife of Krishna “Kanha” Chaudhary and will show Anjali out of her house, and her husband’s life.

Not just that, Sayuri is going to confess her love to Kanha in a beautiful way. In the upcoming episodes, we will watch how Sayuri will surprise Kanha and renew their wedding vows. This time, their marriage is going to be the one out of LOVE and not an imposed responsibility.

The magical chemistry between Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab is only going to add more beauty to the upcoming happy #KriSa scenes.

The precap for tomorrow’s episode has left us super excited, watch it below and let us know in the comments below, how excited are you for this upcoming track?

Stay tuned to Fuze for more updates!


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