‘Women & Ghissa Pitta Rona – Synonymous? Real Or Just Fiction’


Women…Women..Women…Men always say ‘You can’t live with them…You can’t Live without them too’. This is the general take on women. Now as much as we can talk about why men can’t live with them nor why can’t they live without them is totally a different area of scrutiny. The agenda here is the relationship between women & tears. What connects Women & Tears? In the 21st century life has changed dramatically, it is the modern era then why is it that on the box which is watched, viewed by millions, ‘The Idiot Box’, even today one only relates to women & tears? Why is it that every second channel you flick all one can see is a women in that show crying her heart out? Do the makers of the shows feel that tears of women are what that gives them the much rated Television Rating Points rather known as ‘The TRP’… On the television why is it that tears of women are a continuous concurrent happening? Tears Sell, is this statement true on the pretext of the umpteen number of daily soaps & reality shows running on the ‘Idiot Box’…

Whether it is Gopi or Archana, Purvi or Anandi, Mona or Sandhya, Akshara or Aarti, why do they take a refuge in tears whenever a tough situation arises.. Why do the audience get to see these & many more women on the television, crying when the situations needs them to be strong..Yes these women mentioned above are strong too, but why is their initial reaction to a tough, hard, difficult situation only tears?. Why do the show makers show the women breaking down when they are needed to stand strong & face the situation head-on. All the audience gets to see is women crying bucket of tears & either challenging or questioning the idol of the Lord, the Deity. Why is it so? Why are women shown as weaklings in the TV shows? Why can’t women fight for what is right?

Why is it that Anandi or Mona, who are shown as strong personalities become weak when it comes to their fraud husbands Jagya or Pradeep…Why is it that a educated woman like Sandhya takes the taunts coming her way every single time from her MIL & ends up getting hurt…Why is it that a women like Gopi, who has the support & unconditional love of her in-laws becomes a scaredy-pooh when it comes to her Maami..Why is it that a women like Archana, who has lived 18 years without her husband & kids without a fault of her own, falls weak & cries when she is taunted for no mistake of hers.. Why is it that all Akshara does is cry whenever there is a problem in her life which is every second day in her life..Why is it that Aarti, who has got re-married cries thinking as to how to tell her second husband that she is a divorcee, yet she can’t seem to have the courage to accept the truth..Why is it that Purvi can’t fight for her love, but only shed tears for her love.. Whyyyyy… Whyyyyyyyyyyyy..& Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can’t women on TV fight it all, face the world & show the world the women of strength & courage. It is not just the daily soaps on the ‘Idiot Box’ but also the reality shows running on television seem to run on emotional connect & tears…Why is it so?

Is it like this because it is indeed true & what is real is shown on reel or what?

Is it just fiction or does such a situation arise in real too, where in just when a crisis comes knocking on the door, all women do is weep?

The answer to the question is  Naahhhhhhh…..It is just plain, simple fiction, which does not seem to come out of the old times scenario where women & tears were considered synonymous. The show makers of today just don’t seem to be coming out of this myth that ‘Women & Tears Go Hand In Hand’…Today’s women in real are strong, they are efficient, brave, intelligent, equal to any man in the society. Women have reached the moon & back, still the shows & the show makers on the ‘Idiot Box’ seem to be following the same principle of making women cry & gain the audience’s attention & sympathy.

On the other hand, the audience though may feel that the show, the tears are clinched & boring, still they continue watching it. The audiences have complaints with the show still that does not stop them from watching the daily soap or the reality show. 70 % of the ‘Idiot Box’ viewers who watch these daily soaps & reality shows are women, still these women do not mind seeing another women being presented as weak & crying all the time on the television screen.. Is it like this because most viewers watch the ‘Idiot Box’ to pass their free time, to kill their boredom..Are these women audience of the opinion that ‘Bore marr raha hai, chalo is boriyath ko bhaga ne ke liye TV hii dekh lethe hai’.. Is the television the last resort to move away from one’s boredom or are these women, the audience, really interested in the soaps. The answer to this question will never be definitely known – As this is a question which has remained unanswered for ages, is unanswered today & will remain so for ages to come..

As a viewer, audience & writer of the article all I can hope is that the shows on the ‘Idiot Box’, & the show makers, come out of their belief of the same age old era of “Ghissa Pitta Mentality” of  women crying gives them a emotional backing & the desired numbers on the charts & cheers to the hope that they start showing the women of today’s world, the 21st century, the modern era women who are no less than any person, any creature living, breathing on the ground called earth. It is high time for the ‘Idiot Box’ to get out of the picture frame of women crying bucket of tears at every given second & Get Real!!!!

Author: Surya Ravi


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