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Gauahar Khan In India's Raw Star
Gauahar Khan In India's Raw Star
Gauahar Khan on India's Raw Star (Image Courtesy: Biplov Bhuyan - Indus Images )
Gauahar Khan on India’s Raw Star (Image Courtesy: Biplov Bhuyan – Indus Images )

It is itself a disgrace to sit and write such an article. Where are the women of India heading today? We get abused almost everyday, everywhere, every minute. The onlookers watch the drama as if they are viewing some sort of entertainment. Is the sight of a women getting abused a mere entertainment for today’s public? We are there to question the authorities and their morality a thousand times while we read the newspaper, but somehow we often forget that our own morality vanishes the moment we face a certain situation.

Today, in the morning, India saw two major headlines regarding abuse of women. One took place in a running government bus of Haryana and another happened inside the studio of Star Plus’ India’s Raw Star. Two very different incidents yet it says a lot about the current scenario in the country.

While shooting for India’s Raw Star, Gauahar Khan, the host of the show got slapped by a man. He teased her and then slapped her allegedly for wearing some revealing clothes which is, according to him against Islam. Does Islam permits a man to slap a woman in public or abuse her or even tease her? What has happened to our moral sense? Morality doesn’t need to be cultivated through religion! If this is what happens in the country with a celebrity, then what might a common woman face in her everyday life? The answer lies in another news of today that also made headlines.

The recent  incident in Haryana would take anyone by shock. Two sisters travelling via bus got harassed by a bunch of men inside the running vehicle. They abused them and teased them. On being protested they attacked the girls. The girls were threatened that they will have to face an acid attack if they protest yet the brave hearts fought. This might be a normal incident but what is abnormal about the situation is that the bus was full with passengers yet no one came forward to help two college going young girls. These are the same people who would return back home and would for sure question the law and order situation of the country and will pass on judgement about how crippled the system is. They would not realise about how crippled they themselves are that a bus full of 60 people could not stand up against two eve teasers.

Where are we heading? We are abused at school by teachers, at home by relatives, at buses, autos, roads by fellow passengers, at work by boss or by colleagues. Some say girls should not go out, stay at home, should not wear revealing clothes or should not go out after 9 pm. But is there any place or time where a girl or woman is safe? Time to ponder.

Watch The Video Of Gauahar Khan Getting Slapped And The Girls Beating Up Their Molesters Inside Bus Below:

Video Courtesy : Zee News And Youtube



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