Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai : Awakening Of Siddhant Sinha And His Journey!

Yeh Pyaar Nahin Toh Kya Hai

The past few episodes of Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai, have been a roller coaster ride. And we as a viewer are bemused that the Indian Hindi TV audience is failing to watch such a superb series.

This series never fails to surprise us with its mystery and thriller elements, and the romance between Sidushka is the perfect romance that any person in love can identify with.

The angst, insecurities, pain, lovelorn behavior, everything is portrayed to perfection between the two.

I used to wonder why the makers never gave this serial a thriller mystery series type name. Because isn’t the central mystery and intrigue the best part of the show?

But whenever something important and plot shifting happens in the show, that ends up surprising us, it is always about the love of Sidushka.

That’s why every decision of Siddhant or Anushka, even when they think they are making the most rational of choices, is actually the most loving and spiritual choice based on their love for each other. And likely the reason why the show’s name is about the love between the two.

The last few episodes of YPNTKH have left us sad, thrilled, happy, shocked, hopeful and now worried for Siddhant. We wonder now what will happen to Siddhant, Anushka, KK and the secret and not so secret tug of love and hate that exists between the three key players of the story.

Here’s a look at the awakening and realization of Siddant Sinha in the last 5 episodes, and what we wonder will be his next journey in the plot:

Yeh Pyaar Nahin Toh Kya Hai

1) Heart-break of Sidushka:

Last week ended with the heartache of Sidushka. Siddhant comes to know from Vedant that Vedant doesn’t love Anushka and that his marriage proposal to Anu was a carefully calculated move for him to gain favour with KK and his power and money.

Since Siddhant’s love for Anushka always rules his decisions, he secretly sneaks into her room, the night before her engagement, and tries to convince her to not get married to Vedant.

He tells the truth about Vedant, but because of his father’s murder, he cannot bring himself to ask for her hand in marriage or tell the truth about his own feelings to her.

The end scene with both crying separately in pain and almost having a secret conversation- with Anushka wondering why Siddhant is putting her in a dilemma and flip-flopping about his suggestions to marry and then not marry Vedant, and what he wants from her and Siddhant answering her back that all he wants is her happiness – Was one of the most effective scenes.

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  1. Dear Nivedita,
    You hv beautifully pen down the last four episode, also hv depicted all the scenes perfectly, nothing left for us. ..After KRPKAB the only show I am watching religiously that is #Yeh Pyaar nahi toh keya hai. …Sony sincerely try to deliver good content driven projects but it’s unfortunate that so many brilliant Sony projects don’t get popularity though all are critically acclaimed shows..Yeh Pyaar nahi toh keya hai probably one of most underrated show of recent times..still date it’s a mystery for me why does a brilliant show never get TRPS, whereas the crap shows allways get high TRPS !! I am very worried about the future of this show as it does not get the TRPS..if Sony will pull the show abruptly we can not blame them. Because it’s our fault that we never ever accept brilliant shows..
    Completely agree with u that Yeh Pyaar nahi toh keya hai never fail to surprise us..Dilip Jha & Salil Sand hv written the story so passionately infact the real hero of the story is it’s intriguing organic storyline. .Sidhant Sinha has compelled the viewers to love him due to his unconditional love for Anuska..He is intelligent as KK but he is not shrewd, iinnocence still rules his heart ….The way he has described himself while proposing Anuska is so adorable ( main ullu ka patha hoon,pattu hoon. …thora kamina hoon aur thora chalu bhi hoon 😘😘) but honestly speaking I love more the face off scene. .never realize that it’s a face off between a new actor & a seasoned actor..Namit Khanna’s body language, facial expressions & voice modulation perfectly blended with controlled aggression & Manish Choudhury’s expression less face controlled emotions hs made a top notch epic scene. .Though I have watched #Twisted before but Namit Khanna is doing his best as Sidhant Sinha. .Manish Choudhary as KK has given another dimension to a negative character….Indian daily soap negative characters are melodramatic & over acted..Manish Choudhary definitely an exception as well as an asset of tv film industry…from the beginning I know it’s a finite series, so it will end when Sidhant will expose KK till then it will definitely be a roller coaster ride as it’s war between two intelligent men . .before finishing I would really want to say Thank you to the production house, because despite low TRPS they stick to their storyline never try to change the flavor of the show. .and special mention for director Noel Smith & creative director Uday Berry.


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