Yeh Pyaar Nahin Toh Kya Hai : All About The Conflicted Heart Of Siddhant Sinha!


4) Understanding Anushka:

The most beautiful part of YPNTKH is the ethereal bond that Sidushka share with each other, which makes Sid always aware of the minutest of the hurt Anu goes through in life.

We see in a beautiful past flashback and present day scene in which he cheers up Anushka with just a few heartfelt words.

And how he is willing to give up his board of directors’ post, just to make Anushka happy at the end of the day, is what makes his unspoken connection to Anushka so magical.

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  1. Hello Nivedita! I hope you remember me..haha!

    This is such a beautifully written article. I had read this article yesterday itself and wanted to post my comment but I was caught up in a meeting and hence couldn’t post it yesterday. I just went through the discussion which you and Poonam had in the previous YPNTKH article. I was so happy to see you interacting with her in such detail. I’m sure that me, Poonam and you (and hopefully a few others as well) can continue this dialogue and discussion on YPNTKH for a long time..

    For folks like me (and even Poonam I guess) this is like coming back to home. We had such a beautiful time discussing every single aspect of each KRPKAB episode when the show was on-air. We were a group of 12-15 ladies/girls. The best part was that we also had 5-6 male members who used to discuss with us. That was another unique thing about KRPKAB-it had a substantial male population which was hooked to it. It was a great phase and we would easily rack up 60-70 comments in most of the articles. Truly was a magnificent experience interacting with all those people. All of them were people of high intellect and people who valued and respected well written and content-driven shows. The kind of shows that force you to analyse and think deeply.

    After KRPKAB ended, I tried a few shows and while all of them were decent shows, I did not find them to be of the same quality (I tried watching Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai, IB, Naamkarann and Bepanaah). This is just my opinion and I intend no offence to anyone who thinks otherwise. I perfectly respect the fact that some people may disagree with my views regarding the shows I’ve just mentioned. Finally stumbled upon YPNTKH and found the realism, simplicity and subtlety of this show similar to what I had seen and admired in KRPKAB. Have been hooked ever since then. And now getting these magnificent articles from you is like the cherry on the cake. I’m sorry if I’m sounding like a broken record Nivedita, repeatedly talking about KRPKAB and those days. Its just that we KRPKAB fans were/are very passionate about the show. It was a never-seen-before kind of show for everyone who watched it. It was a very simple story of two people falling in love and their journey but the presentation and the writing made it remarkable.

    Like you and Poonam, I too love Siddhant Sinha. From where I see it, YPNTKH is essentially Siddhant’s journey. His journey from a ‘superficial-materialistic success seeking’ man to an ‘enlightened’ soul. Prabhakar’s philosophy of the ‘path’ being as important as the ‘destination’ forms the crux of Siddhant’s character development. Its his decisions, his conflicts and his character developments that majorly drive the story.

    I love the greyness in his character as well. He’s grey but his greyness does not have the ‘uncouth streak of chauvinism’ that male leads generally have. He’s grey but at the same time he’s respectful, dignified and a well mannered guy. That’s the thing which I like.

    I wanted to know your opinion on something Nivedita. I am not on Twitter but once in a while, I do stalk the Twitter hashtags and a few Twitter handles as well. From what I’ve read, I have realised that most people want Siddhant to keep Anushka in the loop i.e instead of keeping Anushka away from the scheme of things, most people want him to inform Anushka about Prabhakar being murdered and also about his future course of action. Their opinion is based on the fact that Anushka is very hurt by Siddhant pushing her away (just after he had promised to speak to KK regarding their alliance). Somehow, my opinion is totally against this. By pushing Anushka away, Siddhant hurt her and I totally understand Anushka’s hurt. I totally get that. But I still believe that he did the right thing by keeping her out of the loop. I feel that if Siddhant had told her everything, Anushka would have been emotionally wrecked at some stage. Sooner than later, she would have been torn between her ‘father’ and her ‘lover’. Getting conflicted between love for your ‘father’ and love for your ‘lover’ is a horrible situation. I really don’t think anyone can really make a choice in such a situation. Sometimes there are situations wherein no matter what decision we take, we will always end up hurting the other person. I feel that Siddhant was stuck in such a situation after he learned about Prabhakar’s death. Either ways, Anushka was going to get hurt. But I felt his eventual decision was fair. I know that I’m perhaps in the minority with regards to this opinion, but I feel that Siddhant’s decision was appropriate. Would love to know your opinion on this Nivedita!

    However, I do agree that Siddhant is walking on the edge. He is trying to ruin KK and at the same time, wants to protect Anushka. He’s balanced these conflicting emotions quite well so far but its a tough balancing act and he’ll falter at some stage.

    You know Nivedita, there is this Turkish show named Cesur ve Guzel. The story of that show is a bit similar to YPNTKH. In that show, a man (Cesur) wishes to take revenge against a man but falls in love with that person’s daughter. In that story, the guy tries to have the girl as well as his revenge. He kind of uses the girl as a ploy in his revenge plan (he does lover her). Eventually the girl is torn between her father and her lover i.e the guy. I feel that Siddhant is doing those things correct which the guy in Cesur ve Guzel had done wrong. Having said that, CvG was a great show in its own way.

    What’s your opinion on this Nivedita ?

    Would wait for your reply sweetie!

    • Hi Aashi,
      I am loving discussing YPNTKH with you and Poonam and other YPNTKH fans. I am so glad that you and Poonam love to discuss the intricacies of the show with such detail. I would love it if YPNTKH thread here in Fuze becomes a second home to all past KRPKAB fans. 🙂

      I agree this show has a realism to it that is very similar to KRPKAB. Both had modern love stories with modern conflicted characters and both tried to blend effectively the personal and professional lives of the characters.

      I do disagree a little bit about the other shows you mention, because they all have some element that made them click for me, though yes almost all except YUDKBH have less realism. Especially Bepannah, that’s another show where the journey of Adi and Zoya is quite close to my heart, and feels quite real like YPNTKH, of course BP is a bit more drama filled than YPNTKH. I so wish these two current faves of mine were not clashing in their air time on TV.

      Ok coming back to YPNTKH, I do agree with you on the reasons why Siddhant did not say anything to Anushka. Sid has always been protective to Anu and her soft heart. And he quite understands the deep bonding of KK and Anu, so while he wants revenge for Prabhakar’s death, he also cannot hurt her to such a degree by destroying her trust in her father. Plus Anushka currently is a very naive, simple and innocent character. I hope she will slowly wise up to the world, but in a positive life affirming way. If Sid had revealed the truth to her, it wouldn’t have been life affirming or a positive thing for her.

      Also I don’t think that it is a given that KK killed Prabhakar. I mean I still have doubts on that whether it is KK, some other SHARK person or Kartik who planned the murder. Only thing given is that Prabhakar’s death is suspicious and likely a murder. And with any lack of solid proof Sid’s words would have no value to Anu. So if he had told her about his revenge plan, all she would likely do is disbelieve him and possibly tell her father everything or ask KK for clarity? Simple straightforward people like her usually like going to the source of the issues than sitting quietly about such dilemmas.

      I don’t think that the fear of her telling her father everything was the reason for Sid not telling her the truth. Instead it was his protective instinct towards Anu and Sweety ji which made him do and say the things he did to take them both out of his life. But since Sweety ji doesn’t have the confused emotions of heartbreak clouding him, he was able to see through Sid’s pretense.

      Eventually I think Anu may end up helping him, but only if she uncovers the truth for herself. Sometimes a person needs to wake up to the facts about the grey shades of others on their own especially for a guileless character like Anu.

    • Yess, we love to ramble Nivedita! After a long time, we’ve got the opportunity again to ramble so much..haha! Infact Saheli used to joke at times that the cummulative length of all the comments would be more than the length of her article..haha!

      If those 20-25 KRPKAB friends (who used to discuss with me and Poonam during those days) join us here, we will have an absolute blast here. I know for a fact that a lot of KRPKAB fans are watching YPNTKH (I’ve seen them follow this show and its developments on Twitter) which isn’t surprising at all considering the similarities in the quality of script-writing.

      I can understand how difficult it would be for you to watch both your favourites (Bepanaah and YPNTKH) since both air at the same time. That again makes me think of Sony’s weird marketing/placement strategies. They pitted YPNTKH against 3 strong shows in the form of Bepanaah, Kundali Bhagya and Yeh Rishta. The TRP’s at 11 pm were 0.3. I’m seriously hoping that when the TRP’s are out on Thurs, they would have risen to 0.5-0.6. Anything less than that would be a worrying sign. Fingers crossed! I’m hoping for the best.

      I agree with what you wrote about Siddhant’s decision in your reply above as well as in your reply to Poonam. As you said, its better to keep someone away rather than give them false hopes. @Poonam-I get your point of Siddhant trying to buy some time (i.e telling Anu that he needs some time before he speaks to KK reg their alliance) instead of pushing her away but for how long would he do that? There is no absolute measure of the amount of time that he needs to expose Prabhakar’s murderer. I thing getting Anushka involved would make things very very complicated.

      I agree Nivedita that it was Sid’s protective instinct that led him to distance himself from Sweety ji and Anushka. Sweety ji is a super-adorable character..haha. I know that Anushka is perhaps a bit insecure about her relationship due to which she believed rather easily that Sid wanted to move away from her. I don’t mind that. I mean, its very natural of people to act defensively in love, especially after a heartbreak. That’s what she’s doing right now. But beyond that defensiveness, I really want her to atleast think or suspect that something reg Sid’s behaviour is fishy. I mean the guy was all happy and going to ask her father for her hand in marriage and then out of the blue, he takes a U-turn and pushes her away. I get the insecurity she has with regards to her relationship but at some stage, Anushka’s instinct and trust has to overpower her insecurity. Sid’s sudden change in behavior should raise suspicions in her mind. I want her to think and as you said in the last para of your reply, work out herself that something is upsetting Sid due to which his behaviour changed.

      Yes Nivedita, there’s not enough clarity as to who killed PS. I wrote my comment keeping Siddhant’s current thought process in mind. He has a single minded aim of bringing down KK (‘KK ki barbaadi’ as he says) coz as of now, he believes him to be the culprit. To be very honest Nivedita, I don’t think KK is the culprit. Ofcourse, there’s not enough concrete evidence to give KK a clean chit as of yet but my instinct tells me that he isn’t the culprit.

      Let’s digress a bit. What do you make of Neeta’s character Nivedita? Personally, I have always had a lot of hopes from Neeta’s character. I feel that the writers erred by keeping her away from the scheme of things for so long. Its only off late that she’s being focussed upon and I like that. I think she can add a different dimension to the story (particularly with regards to her equation with Siddhant). We do know that her career had been sabotaged. Do you feel that KK had a hand in it? I’m a bit doubtful about KK’s hand. I don’t think he’s entirely at fault with regards to Neeta’s career being halted. I think someone else is responsible for it and perhaps KK knew about it but he didn’t try to stop that person (maybe because somewhere deep inside perhaps he too wished for Neeta’s career to come to a halt). But I don’t feel that he’s directly involved. Again, this is only my instinct and I might be proved wrong. The reason I feel this is that when Neeta had mentioned about it a few episodes back, KK had given a rather confused and surprised expression.

    • Hi Aashi,
      That’s cute that the comments for KRPKAB were longer than the article. I hope we get to do that for YPNTKH too some day. I too am hoping that the TRP would have increased for YPNTKH. Seriously I could’t understand why Sony chose the seriously competitive slot of 9:30 PM. Currently a 8:00, 8:30 or 9:00 PM slot for YPNTKH would work best I feel.

      I agree KK’s involvement about Neeta is also quite indecipherable. As a villain KK would make the most interesting choice though, because on the one hand he shows to the world how much he loves his family, friends, etc., but on the other he schemes behind them to exert control on their lives. But then again if the villain were to be Kartik or someone else, it would make the plot even more interesting. Because then Sid may end up destroying KK mistakenly and then realise that he had been fooled, and then maybe he has to go down a path of redemption.

      But whatever the writers chose I am ok with it as long as they keep the story intriguing and relatable.

      I too would like Anushka to think more for herself and not take everyone and everything at face value. I do want her character to be given more depth and wisdom than she has currently, and I do hope that is the growth in her character that we will get to see as the show progresses.

      I agree with you I love Sweety ji and his cluelessness and cute friendship with Sid.

      Praying this show tops the TRP charts some day with smart marketing from Sony. KRPKAB too did use to be in the top twenty at least and this show deserves that too at the very least, if not top 5.

    • True Nivedita. Let’s hope for the best with regards to the TRP’s. I too hope that the show excels on the TRP charts. All depends on Sony. I’ve already been left upset in the past due to Sony’s absurd handling of KRPKAB, Beyhadh and other shows as well. Praying that Sony gets some sense so that it does a better job this time with YPNTKH. It is sad to see brilliant shows like these being sacrificed at the altar of Sony’s crazy tactics. This needs to change now.

      Yup, KK would make an interesting choice for the culprit. As you said, it would be interesting since the dichotomy of his character would be clearly conveyed.

      Would love to read another article on YPNTKH soon, whenever you’re comfortable to write it. I know the amount of effort you and the other writers at Fuze put in, to give articles to your readers day after day. I respect all the writers at immensely for that.

      Have a good day Nivedita! Will see you again in your next article 🙂

    • Hi dear,
      There are two more articles on YPNTKH, that have been published. Hope you like them.

      Oh and I think I forgot to address your Neeta question. Yes I find her character intriguing too. And I hope she will have more to play in the story. Currently I feel that Neeta, the elder bhabhi and Anushka can play a lot more in the story and it’s intrigue than they have done so far. I hope we see more deeper involvement of these characters than just as a plot device to move the men forward in their endevours.

      Talk to you later in the other discussions.

      Have a great week! 🙂


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