Yeh Pyaar Nahin Toh Kya Hai : All About The Conflicted Heart Of Siddhant Sinha!

Yeh Pyaar Nahin Toh Kya Hai
Yeh Pyaar Nahin Toh Kya Hai

Yeh Pyaar Nahin Toh Kya Hai, is a show whose central theme of romance and mystery keeps intriguing us. The show started with the unrealized teen love of the two main characters Siddhant Sinha and Anushka Reddy, but apart from their love story we also have business machinations and a murder mystery thriller plot added to the mix.

For us the character of Siddhant Sinha is the most intriguing because he has shades of grey in his character, and is a man quite in tune with the actions necessary to be a winner in the modern times, or Kaliyug as the Geeta would say. Another reason for loving Siddhant is his quiet, steady, and unwavering love for Anushka.

And despite actions and words to the contrary his love for Anushka is ever present as a guiding light for him, and is the reason why we love him so much at the end of the day irrespective of his unethical machinations.

Another beacon of light for Siddhant was his father Prabhakar- who knew the costs of an unethical path, but who couldn’t convince his son to get off the fast track to superficial success despite his wise words.

Namit Khanna As Siddhant From Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai

Only after the death of his father, we see Siddhant changing for the better and hopefully someday he too will become the wise, practical, moral and ethical version of his dad.

Here are the Top 5 times when the conflicted heart of Siddhant Sinha was directed to the right path because of Anushka, despite his opposing intentions to get ahead in the game of life no matter the cost:

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai
Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai

1) Forgiving the past:

Both Sid and Anushka had a lot of bitterness towards each other, because of their misunderstanding and fight that led to their separation of 7 years.

And while both were right in their own regard, their nascent love, the insecurities they had about their love and their young minds were ample fodder for not having understood the other’s viewpoint.

And at the time of the breakup Sid was the one who was more to blame for not having heard his best friend out because of his inner demons- insecurity, new love and anger. It was Anuskha who finally with her innate wisdom, decided to let go of the past recriminations.

And because of the respect and love that Sidushka share for each other, the path to their beautiful patch up was so organic, yet simple and beautiful to behold. And we saw a simple forgiveness from Siddhant to a complex break up.

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  1. Good afternoon Nivedita 🙂
    I feel so stupid.I should have come online yesterday.If I had done, I would have read this article yesterday itself. Nonetheless,I read it now and loved it.Its a very well written article Nivedita.Thank you so much for this article.I also read your reply to me in the previous YPNTKH article.I’m so glad to know that you too love Siddhant and KK.I’m glad you brought up Prabhakar as well in your reply.I wanted to discuss about him.I have a mixed opinion regarding Prabhakar.Again,this might be an opinion which most people may not agree with.

    While I admire Prabhakar’s morally upright and principled character,I felt that he wasn’t a very good father to Siddhant.He was “good” as a father but certainly not a “very good” father.I feel that in his desire to uphold his principles and ideals,he did not give enough time to his children.To put it better,I would say that he wasn’t there for his children as an empathetic parent.And I’m saying this with regards to Purva as well as Siddhant.For me the first criterion to be a good father has to be that you have to be there for your children.I’m not a parent so I do not have first hand experience of parenting but this is what my father believed and also practiced.Prabhakar sent Siddhant to a rich school and we all know what happened.Siddhant’s struggles in that atmosphere did scar him emotionally.Was that a correct decision which Prabhakar made ? Again,people may counter me by saying that parents send their children to high, esteemed schools for the benefit of their children.Fair enough,I accept that point.Its a valid point.But even then,did Prabhakar act as an empathetic parent ? Did he try to get into his son’s mind and try to sooth his emotional issues ? Instead of continuously chiding,mocking and judging him,would it not have been better if he was more empathetic as a father ? Afterall, are principles,ideals and moral obligations more important than your children ? These are the questions which have often popped up in my head with regards to Prabhakar and Siddhant’s relationship.Siddhant has had emotional issues and in my opinion,Prabhakar too was responsible for it to a certain extent.If I perhaps have to pick between KK and Prabhakar, I would say that KK has been a better father in my opinion because he has always been there for his children.

    Having said that,I respect morally upright people like Prabhakar.In this day and age,it is very difficult to stick to your principles.Be it the rampant practice of bribery or people letting go of their good morals, the value of ethics and principles is declining.In such an era,being so committed to principles and moral ethics is commendable.In that sense,I respect Prabhakar a lot but in my eyes,he could have done much better as a father.I think bring a realist and a pragmatic person is equally important,even if it means that one has to let go of his/her desire to be “morally perfect” all the time.

    This was just my POV.

    I know Nivedita that your opinion on Prabhakar is perhaps different from mine and I totally respect that.In a way,that’s what I like about this show.It offers scope for discussion and varied opinions.Woah,I’ve rambled a lot!
    Did I make sense Nivedita ?
    Thanks again for this lovely article Nivedita 🙂 Would love to hear from you.Its a pleasure to interact with you.

    @Aashi-I agree with almost everything you’ve written in your comment.I too am loving this discussion.Truly feels like the good old KRPKAB days have returned.I agree with your assessment of Siddhant’s decision.Having said that,I feel he should have been a bit more considerate towards Anushka’s feelings.Like he could have told her that he perhaps needs a bit more time before he speaks to KK about their marriage,instead of pushing her away without giv

    • Sorry Aashi & Nivedita,my comment got posted before I could complete my last sentence.The last sentence ends as follows-“instead of pushing her away without giving her any reason whatsoever”.

    • Hi Poonam,
      Thanks for writing yet another great discussion inducing response. I am quite loving our discussions here. And I hope we get to see more YPNTKH fans to write here, it would be fun to know their take on such a complex and interesting plot.

      I agree with you about Prabhakar not being a great emotionally connected father, and KK definitely is a better, warmer, protective father than Prabhakar. But I feel Prabhakar was a prisoner to his work and did focus more on his work than his family life.

      Also I feel the way Prabhakar was trying to lead Sid, was a very mature way, only thing was that Sid didn’t understand the value or reasoning behind Prabhakar’s words. Most times when Prabhakar chided him or didn’t aid his progress, there were hidden reasons for it, some which we got to see and some we didn’t.

      To me it is clear Prabhakar didn’t want Sid to fall into the dirty and unethical business and political machinations that he had to be part of while working for KK. He also likely wanted his son to be a man who learns from his own mistakes, trials and tribulations, that’s why he hesitated to recommend him to KK. Prabhakar was definitely a more hands off father than a hands on father who will give eveything to a kid that the kid asks for. I think though KK was more loving, we will eventually see that when one gets everything that one asks for, example with Kartik, then one falls into a path that stops appreciating the value of things, people, etc.
      While Sid, because he had to make huge efforts for every small win, he will slowly start realising the merit of his efforts and value of his struggles.
      Yeah in this day and age it is hard to stick to ethical and moral decisions, but I feel the main crux of the show is how Sid will go on this path of unethical behavior, but will in the end realise the importance of Prabhakar’s values. Because with every morally questionable behavior we take in life, it takes a piece of our soul away and slowly and eventually the cost of such compromises can fall on us.
      It is a hard path, but I feel even in Prabhakar’s choices we see he was willing to pay the price of the hard path- he was willing to let go of years of friendship with KK, when he thought his friend betrayed his trust. And he never ever took up KK’s offer of any gift, despite KK asking him.

      I replied to Aaashi below, I feel Sid made the right choice given the options available. He would rather see her hurt and think he was a flirt, than keep her hanging, because if he destroys her father, he likely knows she may never forgive him for that.

      Also by keeping her hanging, his purpose wouldn’t have been served. And I have seen people who have been kept hanging by their girlfriends or boyfriends, and that never ends well. It’s better to hurt someone by saying no upfront than to give them false hopes. Because after he decided to take revenge there was likely a part of him that decided to separate his feelings for her aside.

      He lied to her, so that she could move away to America. But its unfortunate for his current situation that his plan backfired, and fortunate for their love that it backfired and she decided to stay. And also though he is trying to separate his feelings for her aside, it is not going to work. After all I feel that is the journey of these 2 characters that no matter what the circumstances or words said between them, their love towards each other will always stay true, and will likely keep pulling them back into each others’ lives.

    • Hey Poonam,
      That’s a very interesting point you’ve raised. I can totally get what you’re trying to say but I agree with Nivedita’s reply.

      I was okay with Prabhakar tbh. He was a mature man. I can relate to what you’re saying Poonam. My father was an army man and he too was a man of principles. He was tough on me as well. Trust me, there were times when I felt suffocated by his expectations from me of being ‘morally perfect’ (quoting you) all the time. But the fact is that in the long run, it made me a better person as well.

      So its a tricky point of discussion. Poonam, I cannot completely agree with your views on Prabhakar but I cannot completely disagree with them either. As I said, its an interesting point of discussion.

    • Hi Aashi and Poonam,
      I completely agree with Aashi here, that both types of fathers have their merits and demerits. I would have loved to have a father like KK, or even Prabhakar, but my father was kind of like both, but not in the good ways. So for me I can see both the merits and demerits of each father. Ideally the best father would be the emotionally available one like KK with the right set of values like Prabhakar, and a perfect mix of a father who knows when to advice and help like KK and when to restrain and chide like Prabhakar.

      At the end of the day though despite our angst or love for our parents when we are growing up, the true maturity in us comes when we realise the value of whatever we got dished out as kids. Because both types of parenthood loving or distant can lead us into paths that are at the end for our own overall good.

    • Aashi & Nivedita- Thank you so much for sharing your inputs.

      You summed it up perfectly Nivedita. A mixture of KK and PS’s good qualities would make for an ideal father.

      My issue with PS was just with regards to his lack of empathy towards his kids. As a child,Siddhant was humiliated and made to feel inferior,day in and day out at his rich school.He was secluded from gatherings just he wasn’t rich and elite.That kind of treatment is sad and equivalent to ruthless passive bullying.And this happened for a prolonged period.It make take a bit of time but my parents eventually gauge if something’s wrong with me.But PS was so caught up in his own principles and ideals that he didn’t notice his son’s emotional issues.Ambition has always been the fulcrum of Siddhant’s character.Healthy ambition is good but a mad rush to become rich and powerful is unhealthy.Siddhant has shown that streak in him.What is the root cause for that? It is ofcourse the class conflict that he’s had to endure over the course of his life.Nivedita,I absolutely agree with your point about not giving children everything on the platter.Yes,parents should encourage children to be independent and self-made.However,if your children face struggles in that journey,show some empathy towards them.Gestures of encouragement and empathy at regular intervals can do wonders.That’s what PS didn’t do.Okay, I guess we’ve discussed enough about PS.Irrespective of my issues with him,I respect him as a wise man.His death had upset me a lot.

      Nivedita,I read your discussion with Aashi regarding the TRP’s.Couldn’t agree more with both of you’ll.I’m hoping for the TRP’s to increase but that won’t happen unless Sony buckles up and comes up with some good strategies.Beautiful shows like KRPKAB and YUDKBH which ideally should have topped the TRP charts,were instead reeling at the bottom of the TRP charts.These shows were brutally neglected and under appreciated by the TRP audience.All thanks to Sony’s ridiculous tactics.They better pull up their socks and do something better now.YPNTKH deserves good TRP’s and I’m dearly hoping that it gets them.But at the end of the day,it all depends on Sony’s strategies.

      I have a few more thoughts to share but they are a bit vague in my head.I hope to have a bit more clarity on them so that I can write about them in your next article Nivedita.I’ll take your leave Aashi and Nivedita.Its been an absolute pleasure to interact with you guys.

      Once again,thank you for this article Nivedita.I’ll eagerly await your next article.Until then,cya and take care!

    • Yes Poonam I do agree that PS was too preoccupied to notice the trials Sid underwent in his school with the snooty kids. But I also feel, PS likely went through the take that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
      I get that bullying in school is a terrible issue for many kids, hugs to you for your trauma at school, it’s fabulous that your father caught it in time and was able to intervene on your behalf.

      But Sid’s issues at school I haven’t taken as bullying, I took it more as people preying on his insecurities. The way I looked at things, if Sid didn’t care that he came from a less rich background, those taunts would fail to work on him. So to me I take those taunts from the school friends as a learning moment to understand his own weak point/dukhti rag and to use that moment to overcome a barrier he has created for himself that doesn’t exist. Because if one stosp caring about money, except as a source of getting by in life, then anything like social status, lack of not having the same privilege as others, etc. stops mattering to one.

      This is just my take on money and the type of issues Sid had with his school friends, I could be wrong, but I feel that’s what the story is about to make Sidushka realise that there is no actual barrier in Sidushka’s life except their own insecurities. And yes there will be people like the school friends, KK, Vedant, etc. who may interfere in their coming together, but in the end those barriers are immaterial.

    • While we differ in some of the interpretations, it makes the show and our discussions so much more interesting. 🙂 So thanks for writing your thoughts here, I am loving it!

      About your other thoughts, when they crystallize do share them in the next articles. 🙂
      Have a fab week! 🙂


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