Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Beti Sang Bahu Ki Bidaai? Naira Leaves Kartik’s Home – NEW PROMO

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The farewell ceremony is always an emotional one. The bidaai is special and for any bride it holds utmost importance. For it is the time they finally leave their homes and go to a new place to start a new and important phase of their lives. While all the marriage ceremonies are celebrated with great pomp and show, with smiles and happiness all around, the bidaai is one such event which wets the eyes of the bride and her family.

In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai too, bidaai is going to be special. As of now, we are being served with the marriage of Kirti and Naksh.

But the wedding ceremony will not be a smooth one, we guess. Naksh agreed for the marriage, though he doesn’t love Kirti, for the sake of his sister Naira and her happiness.

He had believed that gradually he and Kirti will lead a happy life, similar to his parents.

But Naira was unaware of this fact till the wedding date, wherein she incidentally got to know about this fact from Yash after the mysterious disappearance of Naksh. Naksh, on the other hand, didn’t run away. He, infact was accidentally locked up.

But now when Naira has confirmed the truth from Naksh himself, she behaved sensibly and believed his brother.

Watching the new promo that Star Plus has released, we can well infer that Kirti and Naksh’s marriage happened. But we guess that Kartik will see the video recorded by Luv-Kush which covered the truth spoken by Yash and Naksh.

Now this will come as a blow to Kartik, the man who wishes for her beloved sister Kirti, nothing but happiness. And we guess this huge revelation will cause differences between Kartik and Naira.

In the opening shot of the promo, we see Kirti having tears in her eyes as a sign of her departure from her house. Manish asks Naksh to take care of her daughter well and fill her life with happiness.

Naksh promises Kirti that she will never feel alone in his house and that he will always be with her. Here the Singhaniya’s are waiting eagerly to welcome their bahu Kirti, but what do they see? They see Naira coming with her bags.

Watch the promo here –

“Kahin khushiyaan hain, toh kahin hai apno se judaai. Ye kaisi hui beti aur bahu ki bidaai?” – This is the question that the promo asks us.

Kaira exchange glances and it indicates that something is not well between them. But what made Naira leave the Goenka’s house? Did Kartik say anything? He definitely would be upset with her for not revealing Naksh’s secret to him. Or did Naira willfully come to her house?

Questions are many but answers will only be revealed this week. The promo looks interesting and promises a different bidaai. Hope things will clear in the upcoming episodes in the show.

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