Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : The New Promo May Bring In The Most Anticipated Twists!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The new promo of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is out and has sparked another major debate amongst the viewers.

Here’s what has us glued to the emerging storyline in the show .

What the promo shows –

The promo showcases Naira receiving a letter from Kartik, which says that he has taken Kairav to the place where he should be i.e Goenka Mansion, his home.

Naira, hurried towards the Goenka Mansion then, where the sight is something else. There’s Kairav all dressed up as the little Kanhaji on the occasion of Janmashtami, sitting amidst the entire family while Kartik’s daadi is feeding him with the offerings.

The next scene turns ferocious as Naira and Kartik get into a tiff, questioning each other. While Naira warns him otherwise, Kartik remains adamant for the fact that he would be bringing their son back to his own home and none would stop him.

What we liked in the promo –

1. Kartik and Naira had to meet someday and this plot was obviously expected but now watching it taking a shape and paving its course through the story, it would be now interesting to see how Kaira get over the entire situation specially when they both now have Kairav to look after too!

2. The smile on Kairav’s face, him being dressed up as the Krishna ji for Janmashtmi, has the atmosphere lit up. The excitement to see the positive light of the festivity with Kairav being in focus this time and with the family will definitely bring some major celebration for sure. And that’s one thing for which despite of all, the show would be worth the watch for.

What we didn’t like –

1. In the tiff between Kartik and Naira, somewhere Kairav is going to suffer the most if he comes to know of the truth. The way both are shown at loggerheads and being stubborn to give it to each other makes the viewers sigh with a heavy heart. We know Kaira isn’t going to happen anytime soon. It will take time.

2. Among everyone else, it’s Daadi’s obsession with her Kittu’s son that is most annoying. If the eldest member of a family is so illogically stubborn, it always creates more complications in relationships.

What we want to watch –

1. We hope Kartik’s this step is just to somehow bring Naira to the Goenka house, who otherwise would have never returned or stepped into the house. It’s a fact that she would only come there if she is forced to come after Kairav along with the fear of losing her son. The shot in the promo that specially focuses on Naira’s ‘grihapravesh’ in the house probably signifies that only.

2. Let’s hope Kartik has some minimum sanity left with him. Let’s believe that he still didn’t marry Vedika as everyone’s pretending, still has some sane ideas left in his head and is trying to deal with the situation in one of the most twisted ways possible without affecting KaiRav, otherwise, it’s impossible to bring Naira back into his life.

P.S:- The day Kartik and Naira came face to face in the hospital, they both said the much deserving and needed ‘sorry’ to each other but both of them were unconscious during that state. And the moment they came to their conscious state, the ‘sorry’ status flew away replacing it with only anger and complains. For a moment it seemed no one was happy to see Naira alive except for Kartik’s initial response after finding her in the gas chamber. And everyone at the moment are angry at her for being alive and returning home. And then the next moment, in Naksh, Kartik, Manish and everyone’s dialogues the measurement of mistakes of Kartik and Naira came in. ‘Jo Kartik ne kiya woh galat hai, par jo Naira ne kiya woh usse bhi zyada galat hai’ – Can you count the number of times the same has been said by multiple characters of the show? And this makes you really wonder, is this ‘measurement’ of mistakes really needed at this point of time? It’s quite depressing that no one considered or tried to feel how much pain was inflicted into Naira that she took up this much of a drastic step. Yes, she has a habit of running away and not going to the Singhanias was wrong. But the present rude blame game is no where going to make things easy for this girl who has already left everything she had for her son. You may hurt her, but she has really nothing to lose anymore except Kairav. People are sympathetic towards Kartik more, probably because they have witnessed Kartik’s sufferings due to burdening guilt for 5 years and they were simply unfortunate (or fortunate?) to not witness Naira’s lone ordeals, struggles and pain. The difference between Kartik and Naira is very simple – The whole clan of Singhanias and Goenkas deserve a ‘sorry’ from Naira. But Naira still deserves a ‘sorry’ ONLY from Kartik. With Singhanis forgiving her, Swarna already sympathising with her (and Daadi and Manish as usual being stubborn with their thoughts), things doesn’t really look as heavy for Naira anymore. And if we measure it now (although we do not wanted to measure the weight of any ‘sorry’ for it equally matters from both sides), the burden and responsibility on Kartik is more. For Naira left everyone else just for him, his ‘sorry’ matters the most here, as his apology can actually melt the ice.



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