Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : This Single Kaira Capture Defines What Naira Means For Kartik!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik Goenka, the main man of Star Plus’ longest running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai needs no introduction whatsoever.

As a boyfriend, as a lover, as a husband, he has proved his worth time and again. And maybe that is the sole reason why the viewers feel there can be no one like him.

Yes, he has faultered but then we ask who doesn’t? Perfection is overrated and picking broken pieces is what completes the puzzle of life giving it shape and giving it meaning and that is exactly what Kartik Goenka (Mohsin Khan) has done every single time with Naira (Shivangi Joshi).

Going through highs and lows, togetherness and separation, crusading through the hiccups of distance and tides of misunderstanding, Kartik and Naira have managed to stand tall against the harshest of the harsh tailspin bends.

If at this moment, at this very second, at the end of everyday Kartik decides to say something special to Naira, we believe it would be, ‘I love you 3000’ (Courtesy : Avengers End Game) and these words simply sum up Kartik’s feelings for Naira.

He dotes on her, he loves her with all he has got. Whether she is with him or away, he has always loved her. Distance could never part his heart from hers, neither did he want to. For her, he was ready and is ready to put the world at her feet if it made/ makes her happy and for her he has never minded to cross the line if it meant that she was protected – that is how Kartik has loved Naira and continues to love her.

That is Kartik Goenka for you, when it comes to his love for Naira, there have never been and there will never be half measures and shortcuts in love from him for her.

The Mendak loves his Sherni from the heart and upholds it with pride.

Recent times have been tough on Kartik. But as they say when the going gets tough the tough gets going and Kartik is doing that and it is his love for Naira that is keeping him going.

Amidst all this chaos in Kartik’s life, we came across a picture of the man himself and that one picture says it all. A single frozen moment, sums up what Naira means to Kartik.

She is the queen of his universe, she completes his world. Near or far it does not matter for Kartik it was, is and will be Naira Singhania ruling him, his heart, mind, body and soul forever and always and the picture we have found screams that exactly.

It is not everyday we come across such love, some people refuse to believe love like this exist, but then again we have Kartik Goenka squashing all those disbeliefs out of the stadium.

Lying on the ground in the supine position as Kartik is all smiles, it is Naira’s smiling portrait that has kept him at ease. Whether in person, or via a picture it is only Naira who can make Kartik smile whole heartedly. She is the force behind his smile and in that one picture one make clearly see what she means to him – his world, his life, his oxygen to breathe and his reason to live.

Look at the picture below and see for yourself how in a single picture every emotion of what Naira means to Kartik comes together beautifully in sync.


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