Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : A Take On The Myriad Of Emotions In The Current Track!


Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is going through a myriad of emotions currently with the ongoing track.

The characters are all acting as per their own accords and their life seems to move nowhere because of their actions.

Here’s a take on what may bring changes to the characters and lead them to their ultimate realisation.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

For Meenakshi And Family –

Since day 1 we have maintained that if an entire family with majority of its members are against a certain person, they can’t be wrong! Al the senior Rajvansh family members seem to be on the same side of the coin with regards to Mehul.

Meenakshi can be against someone just out of her apprehensions, but Naanu and other being the same is a little out of the place unless there’s really something wrong.

On Meenakshi’s part it will be better if she spills the truth to Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) or else it will get too late. With his ‘my baba is the best’ thoughts, he may go too far and take steps that will make Meenakshi regret her decisions. He is already getting too rude and ruthless with his words for his mother and grandfather (only once though!).

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

It is Mehul who is creating a rift between Abir and Kunal and Meenakshi. However, Abir will not even realise when the blame of Mehul’s misdeeds will be put on Mishti. And that ultimately will affect their relationship too in the long run.

Meenakshi’s character would realise what kind of boon Mishti is only when she will get her due respect from Abir. She will become the mother that ABir craves for only when she will be relieved from her insecurities. And that ultimately will happen when Mehul will be abolished from their lives or let’s say when Abir will reject him.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar KeFor Abir –

The letters of Mishti (Rhea Sharma) has made Abir realise that Mishti is too invested in him. He thinks he didn’t do enough for her.

These thoughts are going to make him too protective about MIshti. With his protective avatar switched on, Mehul’s words about him losing Mishti because of his family (especially brother and mother), may compel him not to think rationally. He may lose his patience and handle things recklessly.

Mehul’s negative words may have an impact on him that will affect his relationship with Meenakshi and Kunal. Add up Meenakshi’s earlier misdeeds and Kunal’s impulsive decisions with regards to Kuhu, Abir will definitely lose his temper.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Point to be noted, Abir is not a person who can be manipulated easily. But then, he doesn’t know that his own father is his enemy and is treating him merely as a pawn.

May be Mishti is the only one who can someday bring out Mehul’s truth to Abir. And that day, Parul’s words will stand true. Abir will never side with the wrong and in the end, he will be standing firm beside his mother.

But that’s a long way to go for the viewers it seems. Abir is going to make several mistakes in the name of delivering his promises until he reaches that moment of ultimate truth.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

For Kuhu –

As Abir asked Kuhu, she needs to respect herself and stop being blind in love. Kunal will not give her enough weightage in  his life, until he is hurt the way he has hurt her, until he misses her the way she misses him. A man always needs to learn the worth of something to treat it preciously. Kunal needs to learn Kuhu’s worth to understand her value and treat her well.

Kuhu also need to learn that love is about respecting each other, the way it is in case of MishBir. Probably, by seeing them, she has understood how a relationship should be. And that is why, despite repeating it hundred times that she hates Mishti, she is genuinely happy for her sister and is with her in this time of troubles.

Also, Kuhu needs to realise that she really has never hated Mishti. She may have many complains from her, may have always felt that Mishti took away the space that should have belonged exclusively to her, yet she never hated her.

When Mishti got lost in storm while saving Abir, it was Kuhu who was worried for her and went to the hospital straight in the morning to see her. After her marriage, on multiple occasions, she has sided with Mishti and not with Kunal’s illogical accusations. Someday, she has to say it loud, that she loves her sister irrespective of her complains against her. Hashtag#KuhuCaresForMishti.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

For Kunal –

A dialogue of Mishti that strikes your mind about Kunal is, if he can run a business, decide to play foul, create illusions about his love in a girl’s mind, why can’t he have his own mind and should always be pardoned blaming Meenakshi for his actions?

Kunal is a mature individual. He can attend board meetings and handle clients of London, take profitable business decisions and yet can be manipulated by his mother or father easily. It takes no effort to make Kunal do something hastily or rather selfishly if you can convince him that it is for the ‘betterment of his brother’.

His ego is sky height. He has no reason specifically to hate Mishti except that she had rejected him. He is convinced in his head that Mishti is a bad sign for his brother. And steps up to do anything that creates all the bad signs in him.

He is not a bad man. It’s just that he has no clarification in his mind about what is right, what is wrong and exactly to what extent one should go to prove himself right. He is an adamant man who is yet to realise what love is. He may say it from the top of Everest that he loves his brother, which is true. But his kind of love is very conditional and restricting. He is yet to learn how love is about setting your loved ones free and accepting their choices willingly.

Kunal has always shouted on Parul and has insulted her many times. His truth regarding his birth will take time to come out. But whenever it does, it will be not only a hurting but a learning lesson for him as well. The way his two mothers have loved him, it is unconditional. Meenakshi has had her own ways of nurturing Kunal which is of course debatable, but Parul’s love for him is incomparable. The day Kunal will realise that love, he will be a changed man.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

For Mishti –

She is Abir’s wonder woman and so is she for the viewers. Mishti has surprised us under many circumstances. She gave out the most unexpected reactions in the most adverse situations.

She is strong, virtuous, emotionally tough and is an absolute fighter. You hurt her, she will fight back. You hurt her loved ones, she will hurt you. That’s her basic way of responding. In Abir’s words, she is a ‘liberated’ woman, in her mind, words and deeds.

She is the only one who can actually make Abir realise when he is going wrong. Mehul’s truth is subjected to be revealed upon her realisation on ‘something’ that is going wrong. She can instill sense into Abir and she can also give him the emotional support that he will require post the truth revelation.

It’s Mishti who brought Mehul back into Abir’s life. It has to be Mishti to throw him out of his life.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

P.S:- Today’s dusshera special episode has been a significant one on this regard. The real Raavan of the story is revealed and also the hint of who will vanquish the Raavan is also given. When Abir was asked if he will shoot the arrow towards the Raavan, he said without a second thought that both he and Mishti will complete the task. His words will ultimately come true too. Both of them, someday, will get rid off the evil man and he only will vanquish him with Mishti by his side. The scene represented the future and the future starts unfolding from tonight’s episode!



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