Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Here’s An Applause For The Courageous And Yet Courteous Abir Rajvansh!

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Star Plus and Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is currently at the most crucial stage of the story. On one hand, Abir and Mishti’s relationship is out for everyone to criticize and on the other hand, Abir’s father Mehul Kapadia is back to claim his right on his son.

On one hand Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) has his angry brother to handle, on the other hand he has taken up the responsibility of never evading Mishti (Rhea Sharma) as well. On one hand, he has to find and help his father, on the other hand, has to face the long lost truth of the past that Meenakshi is trying to hide from him. And then, of course, there’s this truth that Kunal isn’t his own brother.

Abir, a man of honesty, dignity and much honor, has a lot of truth to face in the near future. Those are all hard core bitter and hurtful truths. And then he also has his own fight for love to go no with. It’s going to be quite a drilling and grieving experience for Abir in the coming days. And the only solace he may have during the time would be the presence of Mishti in his life.

Regardless of the future, this piece is dedicated to Abir’s face off with Vishambhar Maheshwari. The way Abir responded to him, his answers to each of his questions reflected how much of a sensitive person Abir is. The dialogue writer Aparajita Sharma and Divy Sharma truly did a splendid job with this particular scene.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Abir started off by saying how much of an intelligent and smart girl Mishti is but he also revealed Mishti’s apprehensions by saying that she often confuses the love of her family with their ‘sympathy’ or ‘favor’. His one dialogue that will stick with you forever didn’t at all sound like a lover talking to Mishti’s father. Instead it was a very tender, guardian angel kind of a life partner talking about how to return to Mishti that part of her childhood or teenage that she has probably missed living and experiencing due to her own apprehensions and fears. You can’t just can’t find a better thoughtful and sensitive person like Abir after hearing these sort of lines.

“Aapki beti bahut achchi ladki hai. Main usse aur achcha to nahi banaa sakta lekin haan, thoda bigaadna chahunga. Usse lagta hai ki iss ghar ne uspe bahut ehsaan kiye hain. Waise to badi smart hain, intelligent hai, samajhdaari waali baatein karti hain lekin ehsaan aur pyar ke beech ka fark nahi samajh paayi hai. Usse yeh nahi pata ki agar parents chahte hain ki unka bachcha zimmedaar ho, to woh yeh bhi chahte hain ki unke bachche thode thode ziddi bhi ho. Agar woh chahte hain ki woh unki har baat maane, to woh yeh bhi chahte hain ki kabhi kabhi masoom se chote mote jhagde bhi kare. Main mahalo aur amiri waale vaade to nahi de sakta, lekin haan, itna vaada zaroor kar sakta hun, ki main Mishti ko itna pyaar dunga ki woh zid karna seekh jaayegi, choti moti ladaiya karni seekh jaayegi kyunki usse kabhi mere kahiin chale jaane ka darr nahi hoga”.

Blame Mr. Abir Inspiring Rajvansh for all the words that would slip and make it to this article for there are no forbidden rules in play to express the miracle that this man is.

How we wish to have Abir’s interview cum proposal to be circulated in every Indian family’s whats app groups for tonight’s episode was like an eye opener in terms of how a man for his partner and the parents for their daughter should be.

The whole conversation between Abir and Mishti’s Bade Papa very subtly highlighted why Mishti and Abir have been the ultimate couple we have shipped all this while.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

What all we loved about Abir’s words –

1. The way how easily, courageously and courteously Abir made Vishambhar realize that her daughter was the one who isn’t a definition of a perfect daughter as per the society standards since she harbors the belief and strength to chose right over wrong.

In a society where ‘good girls’, always, out of their nature or pressure choose their family as priority (even when there’s no reason to), Mishti is the one who defies the stereotype and dares to differ!

2. The man made no fake promises or said things that sounded cheesy and would get you the bonus points while asking for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage from her parents.

In fact Abir chose to be brutally honest. The way he made his promises with the flaws that would accompany those, made them sound even more promising and that’s something that truly sets him apart from the crowd.

3. Most importantly, Abir’s opinion about Kuhu and Kunal’s relationship is something that the Maheshwari’s truly need to ponder about.

The fact that Kunal would take his frustration out on Kuhu, because of Mishti, renders him open to being accepted as an immature, egoistic male who has the potential to turn into a husband whose love for his wife is far less than his hatred for Mishti.

It will have to be Kunal and Kuhu themselves who would have to nourish their relationship. If others’ equation start ruling the future of their relationship, then it’s going to never work out well.

Coming back to our happy bubble, the exchange amidst Mishti’s Bade Papa and Abir today would make every girl wish for someone to ask for her from parents the way Abir did.

Mishti’s Bade Papa and Badi Maa must be lauded for setting examples right for analyzing the situation critically yet for always supporting the right decision.

Apart from the wealth and riches, who wouldn’t be swayed away to see the things that life has offered to Mishti at the moment. A doting lover, world’s amazing parents and the love that’s she was always seeking ….


  1. thanks so much for this article..u always write the best of all posts nd its damn wonderful! <3 mishbir r literally love nd they make us fall more nd more each day <3


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