Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Is Abir’s Father Really As Good And His Mother As Bad As He Thinks?

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is currently high on drama after Abir’s father entered the story in the show. As much as the character is forever hated in the show, the reason behind the hatred is not revealed fully yet.

On one hand, Abir judges his father based on his 5 year old memory in which he had been a man of good judgment and honor.

And he refuses to believe his mother who says that his father wasn’t a great man.

But there’s no solid reason behind this refusal that has been shown yet. It’s only his 5 year old memory about his father that he is trusting.

Abir has grown up witnessing a very controlling Meenakshi Rajvansh. He has seen a Meenakshi who is very commanding and at the same time someone who directed even the minute things in her family’s life. As a result, everyone became too dependent on her and no one ever criticised her even when she had been wrong. Abir interfered in such scenarios and lost his faith in his mother’s judgments as a result of this.

He is a logical, independent and free minded man. Him going against Meenakshi’s controlling commands were obvious.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

But the gap was formed because Abir never really tried to think why his mother became like this. And neither Meenakshi tried to think in a simple way to understand her son and avoid doing things in her typical twisted manner to manipulate situations in her favor.

Abir invested his energy in finding his father and thinking why he left. But he never gave it a thought about why his mother distastes him so much. If he had pondered about that, then probably this huge distance between the mother and the son could have been avoided.

Meenakshi too invests so much of her intelligence in manipulation and conspiracies to create circumstances in her son’s eyes that will make her look innocent and yet she will achieve the thing she wants. She did this because of her strong belief that Abir would never listen to her. But did we really see her making a genuine effort to make Abir listen to her? A son need not be a mother’s puppet only to understand and care for his mother. He can be an independent, strong, liberal man and at the same time be caring, loving and responsible towards his parents. Meenakshi herself is like that, but she doesn’t trust her sons to be the same.

For a sensible person like Abir, ignoring his mother’s dilemma even when is father is acknowledging that his mother has become like the way she is because of him, is a little discouraging. Probably, his realisation will be another journey altogether.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

It is a fact that Mehul Kapadia is hated in the family not only for running away and stealing money, but there’s a far bigger reason for Meenakshi to loathe him the way she loathes him.

Also if it had been only Meenakshi to dislike him, things would have been understandable as she dislikes mostly all the people who gets closer to Abir.

However, even reasonable and rational people like Naanu and Meenakshi’s brother aren’t in his team. For some reason, they are also too angry on him. Especially considering the fact that Meenakshi’s brother had been shown so much angry that he had not been even when his own daughter was getting deceived at her wedding altar.

Also, Kunal’s biological father’s mystery remains to be a mystery still unearthed. Noticeable thing is, Mehul avoids talking or looking in the eye when Parul talks. And he thinks that Kunal is Meenakshi’s son.

If the show is to keep Mehul as a positive character in the show, it will be logical to not show him as a cheater cum runner cum thief. It will be too difficult to pardon him for the audience even if Abir does (which we doubt!)

And if he is to stay, then the Parul – Kunal story will come from a different direction which is again one of the biggest secrets of the Rajvansh family.

Point to be noted, that probably, Naanu and Meenakshi are still quite about Mehul’s truth (the one that is not revealed yet), only because they don’t want to reveal that Kunal is not Meenakshi’s son. Abir and Kunal’s bond is too precious to come at the cost of this truth for them. But how long can it be kept hidden?

Recently, Abir called his mother ‘a monster’, which came out as a momentary fury. He will regret his words later for sure. Because that’s how Abir is.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

However, there will and should come a time when Abir will realise why his mother has become the ‘monster’ he claims her to be. It is not easy to bring up two children alone for a lady with a bankrupt company and a broken family’s responsibility. The day, Abir will understand Meenakshi, that day his understanding will soothe Meenakshi’s pain and help her become the old lady she was. She will probably no longer try to control him and he will probably respect her a little more. The same effort is required from Meenakshi too.

One of the primary reasons why she does all the evil things is just because she knows ‘Abir will not listen to her’. The mutual understanding from both of them about each other will probably make them a lot more like a normal mother-son duo. Meenakshi has plotted so much, her evil plans have hurt Abir so much, that now even if she is not guilty, it will be tough for Abir to believe her. Unfortunately, she has stooped down too low during Kunal’s wedding and Abir just can’t forget what could have happened that day if he didn’t save it.

But then, what about Mehul? Well, the man has either committed an unpardonable sin or he is simply misunderstood. If it turns out that he is not a man of honor and is exactly like Meenakshi describes him to be, then it can very well lead us to the point wherein Abir Rajvansh will regret his current actions and that will be quite painful to watch. It will break his heart and will hit hit him hard for every time he demeaned his mother for his father.

But if he is a good and honest man as he himself claims to be, then Abir and Meenakshi’s patching up looks like a far away twist in the story. However, Abir’s judgments about his father in this case will be proved to be right and he will not be as hurt as he could be if he turns out to be a culprit.



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