Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Is This The End Of MishBir Even Before A Beginning? – NEW PROMO REVIEW

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

The latest promo of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke airing on Star Plus has strike a major unrest among the fans and viewers.

The promo definitely came as a shocker for the audiences who were expecting a little drama and romance amidst the wedding extravaganza but something as serious as this came like a blow which would make you shift to the edge of your seat.

As everyone is aware, Kuhu aka Kaveri Priyam in the show, isn’t the real daughter of Varsha and Shaurya Maheshwari and hence the truth about her adoption is being kept hidden by all means from the Rajvansh family despite Vishambhar’s protests. However the viewers are also aware of the ‘beg, borrow, steal’ agenda of Meenakshi Rajvansh too, to keep Mishti (Rhea Sharma ) at a far end from Abir ( Shaheer Sheikh ).

The promo showcases both the families decked up in haldi attires, assembled together with very serious expressions etched on their faces. Mishti’s words next are something that strike a major blow and come across as harsh as possible.

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Mishti brings out the truth of Kuhu’s adoption out in front of Rajvansh’s family addressing Kuhu as ‘najayaz‘ after which she can be seen walking away and Abir leaving her hands as he cannot accept a person in his life who abandons her family and relations.

Without a doubt, it can be easily fathomed to be Meenakshi’s another ploy to separate Abir and Mishti even before they begin their tale of love. The surprising factors for sure that can be made out from the promo are the reactions to the revelation.

Mishti being the one to bring it out in such a harsh way will be a major shocker to her own family as well. This will be one major move for it can even shake her grandparents trust in her.

Some sad times are surely expected after this promo. Of course, Abir being a person who loves his and Mishti’s family to death wouldn’t be the one to take it lightly and whether in this mirage, Abir will be able to go with his instincts of falling for the right person or will he be swayed by what’s showing to him, will be intriguing to watch.

Sending the promo, this can be termed as a stroke before the master stroke by the makers for it was least expected at this moment. Also for all we know, the story might now take a turn that’s least on your mind right now!

So gear up, for the makers are going to make every bit of the upcoming a roller coaster emotional ride which can’t be missed at all! Have a look at the promo right below –


  1. Which sensible girl would want her sister (blood or otherwise) to marry a girl who is controlled by his mom and who is ready to leave her whenever his mom says??

    I would rather comfort my sister for weeks after her broken marriage than have her cry for a lifetime after marrying such a guy!!!!


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