Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Is This The Next ‘Nishmish’ Attack On Abir?


Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is currently at an interesting stage. For the uninitiated, Mishti and Abir were stuck in the forest amidst fire. But somehow Nishant rescues the duo. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Mishti and Abir being admitted in the hospital. However, this new click posted by Directors Kut Productions on their Instagram is making fans do a lot of guess work.

Watching Mishti being Nanno’s doctor here, we are assuming it to be a part of ‘nishmish’ attack put forth for Abir and that can rekindle the time when Mr. Ajeeb rajvansh had taken up the job of being the doctor for his angry chorni.

Watching Mishti remaking the same memories with someone else is going to boil someone’s blood and how and we are silently keeping a count of all that would finally persuade Abir to blurt it out and run back to his Mishti again.

However, as per spoilers, Nishant aka Nanno is soon going to fall for Mishti. In his quest to give Mishti her love, he will himself realise his love for Mishti. He is one of the sole persons, who literally knows the depth of love Mishti has for Abir or the hurdles Mishti is ready to cross for Abir, he knows that she loves him and yet he will fall for her.

This will indeed provide an interesting twist to the story and it is to be seen how and whether Nishant helps further in Mishti’s plan to get back Abir.

But until then we leave you here to witness this still of ‘NishMish’ attack –


  1. Oh no! I was afraid of this upcoming track…. please don’t make Nishant fall for Mishti! I love their friendship- why can’t they be realistic and show that a male and female can be friends? I hope this is just a rumor


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