Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Abir Realizes His Love For Mishti – NEW PROMO


Love is a beautiful feeling and realising you’re in it is even more better and satisfying. It’s the time when love has entered into Abir’s life and is making its way ‘dheere dheere’ into his life now.

With the filmy background music playing and imagining himself with his lady love, Abir is already going crazy in love, thinking every second about none other than Mishti.

The man is cycling around the house with an ear to ear grin etched on his face and is flying the papers around.

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But as the twist would always make its way to the climax, the transition from smiley to sad expression on his face suggests something major on the road to conquer his love.

The breezy sound of ‘dheere dheere’ after so long is making us wonder if we would get to hear a lot of it on a frequent note.

The little snippet of Abir realising his love is just the gist of the beautiful love story that lies ahead and we are nothing more excited to watch what’s in store ahead –


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