Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : ‘Mishku’ – A Bond That Can Be Explored Beyond Despising

Rhea Sharma And Kaveri Priyam From Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

There’s one special bond apart from the Mishbir and Kuku one in star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke that viewers have a love and hate relationship with.

And this one’s none other than the one that came into line of vision first, Mishku aka Mishti and Kuhu’s equation.

They are the two sisters from an Indian daily soap, whom, for the viewers neither had a complete hate-hate relationship nor the sort of OTT ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai bonding.

A very unconventional bond with the two living in a very cordial and loving manner in front of their family while bickering and bantering when alone. They care for each other in ways they don’t like to express and yet when they come to hating each other, they cross boundaries.

Their banters and cat fights surely attracted the viewers to them and the way Kaveri Priyam and Rhea Sharma are so natural and in sync with each other, there’s no way we couldn’t have a separate fanbase for them.

With even the recent episode featuring the infamous cat fight, there’s no denying how much the audiences enjoyed watching Mishku and their antics.

At times this duo go all ‘we aren’t each other’s sisters’ mode and the other times they find it best to share each other’s sorrows for they become strangers whose non judgemental view would give them the solace one wouldn’t have from the family. At times they are ready to taunt each other with their past yet when one is sad, the other brings in ice cream to cheer up the mood.

They can go from we don’t care attitude to saving each other’s asses from the family’s wrath.
They can be all selfish yet can go to any extent to get each other’s love of life back into frame. They can instantly read each other’s eyes and act accordingly and the list can go on.

But we aren’t here to compare and generate scores on who’s deeds can be considered the worst. The word here is whether the viewers want to see this hate mongering angle amidst this potential duo or is there a scope to get these two in a better frame and background possibly?

Today’s episode once again ignited the much extinguished thought amongst the viewers of the show. It might not be necessary to have the two hating each other to the core or making any one a vamp out of the two but realistic relationships are more than just about black or white.

Why can’t we have the joy of watching their cat fights but the usual sibling way? Why can’t Kaveri’s praiseworthy comic timings can be put into good use with Rhea’s talent to give instinctive reactions to the former?

Why the storyline can’t incorporate the bond they share without stereotyping it under the usual kitchen politics and not deviate from the quality content?

Needless to say, with the two talented actresses putting their best foot forward, it would be a treat to watch the two evolving an equation and coming to terms gradually with each other’s insecurities and making ‘Mishku’ even stronger. Hoping their cease fire would continue for long this time so that they can fight their dragon saas together!

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