Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke To Highlight Another Notion – An Independent Vocal Girl Not An Ideal ‘Bahu’ Material?

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke stands out among other shows for it always somehow showcases how our society reacts to the voice of a woman.

By ‘voice of a woman’ we mean their right to make a choice, right to speak up, right to ask for respect and right of freedom.

When the show started, it was all about how a woman too have the right to choose their partner rather than only be chosen by a man and his family. It was through Mishti’s demand of pre-marital courtship, this right of a woman to know her partner better (for which she was criticised much) and vice versa was brought into focus.

And now with the upcoming track, yet again the show is going to come up with another very subtle but majorly existing societal notion – A woman who is too independent and too vocal is bad for family.

This particular notion will be the major reason behind Meenakshi not accepting Mishti.

Point to be noted here – Meenakshi herself is too strong, too independent and has too much say in her family and yet she dislikes a girl who has all these traits of hers. This hypocrisy exists indeed in our society in real too where independent woman search for lesser able women for their sons and families. They look for ‘bahu’ and not a ‘life partner’ for their son.

The definition of a perfect ‘bahu’ in our society is someone who will speak less, will never think of herself, will not be independent by nature and of course will never have her own voice and her choices in life can evaporate like the ice in the North Pole due to global warming.

Mishti is exactly the opposite of these notions. She demands her right to choose, she is vocal when there’s anything wrong, she is independent by nature and above all she has her own mind which cannot be operated by someone else. This kind of women are tagged as a ‘source of threat‘ by the patriarchal society and although Meenakshi is a symbol of matriarchal system, her thought process works in a patriarch manner in this case.

Along with her belief that Mishti is not fit for her family just because she isn’t a sacrificial queen, she also has fears about losing her son to her (which she is going to lose nevertheless) and also her throne in the Rajvansh family.

Coming to Abir. Meenakshi needs to have a lot of guts and a heart of a stone to witness her son getting reduced to nothing by snatching Mishti away from him. Probably for some mothers, their son’s life long guilt and misery is more feasible in the name of ‘protecting their family’s unity’. How can a person who is too broken keep his family intact for which he had to sacrifice his only source of happiness? Is there any logic?

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

If you aren’t happy, you can’t keep others happy. It’s that simple but this is probably too complex for Meenakshi to understand. To be too rude to her, she was disappointed in her love life and she pushed Abir to the extent of disappointing Mishti too. By trying to declare and remove Mishti from her son’s life she is being a saddist and gifting Abir the life of a loner just like herself. Or she expects Abir to forget Mishti sooner? In that case she definitely doesn’t know her son enough.

Now question may arise about why this track is going the way it is going. Probably this is the only way to make Kunal play the right role in his brother’s life.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Kunal has always been a son who is too loyal to his mother. To the extent that he can even follow her like a blinded man when she is committing an outright crime!

For him it is either black or white – If you love someone you will choose that person whether he is right or wrong, whether their demands are legitimate or not. Logic, right, wrong, nothing else matters for him. Hence, he expected his brother to choose him over Mishti and when Abir didn’t do so, Kunal was of the opinion that Mishti has snatched away his brother from him. Apart from his ego being hurt by Mishti when she had rejected him, another reason for him not liking her is that he thought of Mishti as his source of sadness rather than his brother’s source of happiness.

But he was wrong. He was wrong when he followed his mother’s instruction without thinking about what is right and what is wrong.

He was wrong when he accused Mishti for no fault of hers. He was wrong for punishing Kuhu for no fault of hers. He was wrong when he asked his brother to choose between him and Mishti.

And he never got an opportunity until now to realise his wrongdoings and correct them. Meenakshi’s force on Abir to leave Mishti and the resultant events may lead Kunal to realise his faults.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

His brother’s ultimate sacrifice for him, Mishti’s ultimate for pardon for Abir and Kuhu being the rock solid positive support during this course of time may bring in the required changes in Kunal.

As he had told Naanu recently, he will prove to be the best brother to Abir henceforth and the way he had picked up the ring that had fallen from Mishti’s hand during Mishbir’s engagement were indications of a Kunal who will repent his actions, go against his mother’s will, find out the truth and bring Mishti back into his brother’s life. That will make him a changed man. That will transform him from being blinded by Meenakshi and that will also make him realise that ‘love’ is not about tying up someone.

This will eventually bring him closer to Kuhu too. There was a time when Abir and Mishti had played a role in bringing them closer and this time viewers will probably see Kunal and Kuhu playing that exact same role.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed to witness a mature ‘Naanko’ in the coming episodes! (We are already excited with that thought!)

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

P.S:- Meenakshi will probably realise that a woman who can’t speak or have her own brain isn’t very healthy for a family like hers when Mehul Kapadia will decide to strike back. As he had told Mishti, the second chapter of his life will begin soon and this time he will target Kunal. Just imagine, if Meenakshi herself was the kind of bahu she aspired for herself, will she had been able to fight Mehul the way she did? She fought him. She surely appreciates herself for that. Mishti fought him. And she sees a rebellious future bahu in her. Too much of hypocrisy, isn’t it?


  1. Indian TV has always shown that a girl too independent and who speaks her mind will not be a good bahu!!!

    The only difference is that here they are showing the female lead is that woman!!!!


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