Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming : Major Drama Ahead! – It’s Raining Slaps And Pouring Kicks In Mishti’s Mehndi!


Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, which is witnessing Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) and Mishti (Rhea Sharma) at the far ends right now is up for some major drama ahead in the show.

As per the latest updates, things will go on to proceed further as the Maheshwari’s will now gear up to celebrate Mishti and Nishant’s mehendi.

But what lies ahead of them is something they all will be very unaware of. The coming episodes will witness the wrath of the men of the show with a major showdown, hashthag WWF wali mehendi!

As per the track ahead, Abir though unintentionally, will gatecrash Mishti’s mehendi ceremony as he’d spot her in danger. The seating where Mishti will be sitting will suddenly catch fire and Abir will come to her rescue.

This isn’t the only end to the fiasco. After this the viewers will get to see Bade Papa aka Vishambhar Maheshwari losing his cool and slapping Abir for stepping in his house again following which there will be a war of words amidst Nishant and Abir.

Shockingly Nishant will lose his temper too and in a fit of rage will punch Abir. On Mishti coming in to salvage the situation, Nishant in his anger, will push her aside and make her fall which further will lead to Abir landing a punch on Nishant’s face as well.

After this game of ‘punches’ poor Abir will be left heartbroken as he would have to leave empty handed once again without his Mishti. Probably in this much heated and action packed episode Mishti will find herself standing at crossroads where she will have to chose between her Bade Papa’s choice and her love.

After the news of all this sensational stuff happening in one single episode, we can’t wait to sit with a tub of popcorn and watch the events unfolding ahead.

While for further updates, you make sure to stay tuned to this space, okay?

P.S – Did we just forgot to tell that Mishti is somehow going to get an ‘A’ scribbled on her Mehendi, eh?


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