Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Will The Current Boomerang Lead Us To Witness Abir WINNING Mishti Back?

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Hello YRHPK fans!

We are back with our two cents about the wonderful show that’s been winning the hearts of the audience.

The viewers of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke are undoubtedly one of the most lucky ones. Reason? We have every kind of characters to relate to, understand, loathe and love.

Mishti’s  (Rhea Sharma) strength is something to get inspiration from. Abir ‘s (Shaheer Sheikh) goodness will make you fall in love with him. Kunal’s (Ritvik Arora) innocence and loyalty is harmful for him but that’s doesn’t make him a bad person. Kuhu’s (Kaveri Priyam) joyous nature make us crave for such a family member in real! Naanu is young for every generation. Jugnu is a lovely live teddy bear! Maami’s English and love for Kuhu is ‘aww’ worthy. Bade Papa and Badi Maa are ideal parents. Meenakshi definitely tells you about the kind of people you should stay away from. Parul shows you how you should never present your loyalty to someone unworthy.

Anyway, the current track has offered the viewers with a myriad of emotions. We have a broken Kunal trying to get over the shock of the truth about his real identity. We have Abir who feels let down by Mishti and is trying hard to make Kunal feel better.

We have Mishti, who is already guilt stricken after revealing the truth to Kunal and is further going to get hurt. And we have Kuhu and Nishant, beside Mishti, trying to give some solace to her.

We can talk about rest of the characters later as and when they will play their role in this story.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Kunal’s track record with regards to the Maheshwaris have not been good. He has used Kuhu’s emotions, play ‘love love’ game with her and intended to leave her at the altar. Then when pushed to marry her, he did, but revealed the truth to her, made her feel unwanted and eventually hurt her terribly in the process. He also asked Abir to choose between him and Mishti. And then as the final blow, he ended up mixing alcohol to Nishant’s drink. Kunal isn’t a bad boy. He has a conscience. A very strong conscience but he is too inclined towards Meenakshi. He is that kind of Shravan Kumar who doesn’t understand how something commanded by his mother can be wrong. Hence, even if he feels it is wrong, he goes ahead with it, in the name of ‘doing it for my family’.

If there’s one thing that Meenakshi has done very neatly in all these years then that is to brainwash Kunal to believe that ‘doing wrong can make things right’ for the family.

Anyway, poor Kunal in all this gets hurt by a two way sword. First, he fights his own conscience, like he did when he was mixing the alcohol for Nishant. And then after the blunder he is blamed for the dire consequences, which eventually ends up affecting multiple lives and him too.

At the end of the day, Kunal isn’t happy by hurting Kuhu. He wasn’t happy when he fought with Abir over Mishti. He wasn’t happy when his brother had a break up with Mishti. He wasn’t happy at all when Nishant was getting seizures. These are all his deeds but as much as these things affected others, it affected him equally.

The truth that has come in front of Kunal will help him in four ways. Firstly, it will help him to understand that Meenakshi uses him for the dirty deeds. Secondly, he should learn to say ‘No’ to Meenakshi. The day it will happen, viewers can cheer loudly for their Naanko. Thirdly, he needs to say ‘Yes’ to Kuhu and understand her pain. Fourthly, he should stop taunting Mishti for being from a ‘broken family’, for his family is broken too. Fifthly, he needs to understand that his belief ‘mujhse behtar mere bhai ko koi nahi jaanta’ is wrong. Abir is too much of a puzzle behind those glasses to decipher.

Kunal is a very straight man. He believes what he sees. He takes in what he is told and he receives things at face value. Too much of complication is not his cup of tea.

However, the above five things will slowly and eventually seep into his persona as the story progresses. And needless to say, he will end up being the catalyst for MishBir. And Meenakshi will have to stare hopelessly at Kunal witnessing him being playing the major role in bringing Mishti and Abir closer.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

About Mishti, she has invested a lot in her relationship with Abir. So much so, that even after reaching London, she came back to win him back. She was getting successful however, fate played otherwise. Her panic and fear for Nishant made her spill the truth. Although Mishti should have controlled herself but probably it happened for the better future only.

Abir’s anger towards Mishti is justified. But his words for her had been during their breakup and even now too rash and harsh to bear. He knows Mishti very well, rather than pondering on why she lost her cool and what his Naanko did, he burst out on her. But probably this was also necessary. Ask why?

Abir broke up with her. She pleaded. She begged. She was not at fault at all. Yet he decided for both of them and left her.

Yet she came back. She took the effort to get him back. She tried to win him back. He just reciprocated.

And now, he says he hates that he loves her.

It should have been ideally Abir winning Mishti back. She still deserves a sorry from him for the previous break up right after their engagement. But she never got it. And it’s like a guilt transfer process that has taken place. After the first break up, Abir had all the guilt within him eating him up from inside. And now viewers will watch Mishti being ridden badly by her sense of guilt after telling the truth to Kunal. Both are guilty now. Both are even now. Hence, both will be sorry in future.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

However, this outburst from Abir will pave the way for an ideal situation for Abir to get back Mishti. He will have to put efforts to win her back. Otherwise, it was all happening too easily for him. After his behaviour with Mishti, things will become absolutely tough for him. And regardless, this way or that way, Kunal will soon reveal what he did in the Maheshwari house that night.

Kunal will not have any strong reason to hide the truth from Abir in the long run. And when he will get to know about it, we will witness a guilt stricken Abir again. But how will he apologise to Mishti then? Will it be too late? If it gets too late, then the role of the catalysts namely Kunal and Kuhu will come into play.

With a mature Kunal, an understanding Kuhu, an apologetic yet determined Abir, a tough but still loving Mishti, an admirable Nishant, an absolute no nonsense and caring Bade Papa and still mean and green Meenakshi – Things are going to be a roller coaster ride in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke in the coming episodes.

The bad and sad times will get over in a few episodes. And the fun ride of love from Abir will begin. If you ask us, we would say may, may be Mishti 2.0 has yet not met Abir 2.0. Abir’s mistake may bring out that Abir 2.0 that many viewers have been waiting to watch out for. He may just become like the new Mishti to make her fall for him again!



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