Yummy Mummy Juhi Chawla To Endorse Kellogg’s


Juhi Chawla 2Juhi Chawla to endorse Kellogg’s Chocos in an exciting new commercial

Mumbai, February 28th, 2013: Kellogg’s Chocos, the popular kids’ cereal, takes on board the much loved Bollywood actress, Juhi Chawla as its brand ambassador. She will be the face of Kellogg’s Chocos and will star in a new campaign being rolled out by the brand. Speaking on her association, Juhi Chawla, the new brand ambassador of Kellogg’s Chocos says, “Kellogg’s Chocos has been a favourite with my children for a number of years now and it feels great to be associated with a brand that they have been consuming for so long. It gives me a sense of reassurance about my kids’ breakfast as it is made with whole grain. In short, Kellogg’s Chocos provides many roti like qualities for kids.”

Commenting on the new association, Harpreet Singh Tibb, Marketing Director, Kellogg India says, “Our research shows that mothers are always looking for breakfast options that are not only tasty, but also nourishing for thier kids. Kellogg’s Chocos made with whole grain wheat has many roti like qualities, and moms can be assured of a nourishing and yummy breakfast option for their kids. Juhi personifies the Kellogg’s Chocos mother and her connect with mothers of young children is unmatched. There was no doubt in our minds that she should be associated with the brand. We hope that post this campaign, many mothers will say – Paushtik khilao, don’t chhupao! ”

Built around the premise that every mother tries to disguise healthy food to give her children, the new Kellogg’s Chocos TVC playfully tells mother’s that they have nothing to worry about since Kellogg’s Chocos is not only tasty for the child but also has the nutritional qualities of rotis.

Speaking on the TVC, Nandita Chalam, Vice President & Executive Creative Director, JWT Mumbai says, “What happens when a little child realises one fine day that his mother has been cleverly hiding something that he dislikes – Brinjal – in something that he loves – pizza? Well, he confronts her! Our new television commercial for Kellogg’s Chocos uses this cute confrontation to tell mothers that just as she hides nutrition in her child’s favourite food, Chocos too has the hidden in it, many roti like qualities. In her first appearance in a Kellogg’s Chocos advertisement, Juhi Chawla plays the role of the mother in her own inimitably charming manner.”

Lending insight to the TVC, Samarth Shrivastava, Vice President & Client Services Director, JWT Mumbai says, “Mothers are always trying to hide nutritious ingredients in their child’s favourite foods. Sometimes they succeed, and alas sometimes they get caught. It is this insight that we have tapped on for the new Kellogg’s Chocos campaign. With Kellogg’s Chocos, it’s always a win-win for the mom, as it has many roti-like qualities plus it’s yummy for the child. So, no need for the moms to hide nourishment anymore. Therefore the tagline: ‘Paushtik khilao don’t chupao!’”

Shazia Khan, Vice President & Executive Planning Director, JWT, Mumbai added, “Our brand task was to educate moms about the nutritional qualities of a yummy Kellogg’s Chocos breakfast. Our answer was to use roti as agreat cultural shorthand. We leveraged the familiar goodness of roti to communicate the quality of wheat and the goodness and nutritional qualities packed into Chocos.


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